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How to Get Someone To Do Almost Anything for $5

How to Get Someone To Do Almost Anything for $5

By on Jul 21, 2015 in Business, personal | 0 comments

fiverrYeah, that’s right. For $5 and change (they charge a transaction fee on top of the $5) you can get a person to do almost anything on I’ve spent a lot of money on this site over the last few years mainly on helping me in my SEO (Search Engine Optimization) endeavors. There are literally thousands of applicable offerings for your life, too.  Vendors on make money not on the $5 initial offerings, but rather on the Extra Gig offerings. Sometimes the initial offering is enough for me, but many times I chose the extra gigs, too. Just like eBay, the vendors are driven to please you and get a valuable review. All reviews for vendors are published on their profile. I’ve never regretted a gig I purchased on

So, are you ready to look for a new job? Maybe you need some resume and cover letter help. Great, here are some offerings for resume and cover letter services starting at $5.


Here is an example of what the Initial Gig and extras might cost:

  • Basic Gig – $5
  • Extra Fast (3 days) – $20
  • Optimize your LinkedIn Profile – $20
  • Write a Cover Letter for an application -$20


I have also used to find an artist for the book cover of my book, “Fat Burning Secrets.” So, go to and use your imagination.