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Lumir Candle Power LED Lamp

No Batteries, No Cables

LED Candle Powered Lamp

Great for indoor decor, outdoor activities, and emergency lighting

  • Converts a tea light’s heat into electrical light : Also a scented candle can power Lumir C, allowing you to enjoy the aroma.
  • Battery free, long living product : Batteries have been causing severe pollution to environment. Moreover, unlike batteries, candles don’t lose their charge with age.
  • Modern and minimalist in style : Lumir C blends in nicely in anywhere for home décor
  • Cordless : Lumir C does not require wire or outlets. It can be used anywhere you desire.
  • Easy to use : Just putting Lumir C over a lighted candle will turn the LED on.
  • Comes in either Black or White.

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Lumir C - Candle Powered LED Lamp