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Yuneec Typhoon H Pro

Yuneec Typhoon H Pro

4.2 Stars4.2

  • READY OUT OF THE BOX – Comes with ST16 all-in-one controller (no need for a separate phone / tablet), Integrated 7-inch Android touchscreen, Wizard, backpack, extra battery and extra props.
  • SAFE TO FLY WITH BUILT-IN COLLISION AVOIDANCE – Intel RealSense Technology intelligently navigates around obstacles, FAA compliant no-fly zone, 6 rotor safety with 5 rotor fail-safe, and ultrasonic collision prevention.
  • EASY TO FLY – GPS stabilized flight control, with 8 smart flight modes, automatic return to home, auto takeoff and auto land. No experience needed to fly this hexacopter.
  • 4K STUNNING VIDEO & IMAGE QUALITY – 4K Ultra High Definition video, 12 megapixel photos, full 360° anti-vibration gimbal, retractable landing gear for 360° filming, and team mode so one films while the other flies.
  • COMPACT SIZE – Quick disconnect props for speedy removal, each rotor arm easily folds down from its flight position to a resting position against the drone for easy and compact transportation.

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Fly responsibly: FAA Requirements for Unmanned Aircraft Systems.

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