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5 Best Headphones With Microphone of 2019

Buyer's Guide for Headphones 2019 -

People may expect you to listen more often than talk. It’s completely true but when you have to talk you should have a decent microphone on your headphones. In this generation, audio is increasingly private and it’s not uncommon to walk around with your headphones all day. While many headphones have exceptional audio response, only a few of them focus on making the microphone high quality, too. So we picked up the best 5 headphones with microphone which could balance both and have a barrage of features for effective communication. Prices are as of date of posting and are subject to change.

Bluetooth and Active noise cancellation both play tricks on audio. Bose QC 35 Wireless headphones with mic uphold and even improve their indulgence in ANC. The audio is beautifully executed and microphone is enhanced to take the calls even in a noisy environment. That’s why it has gained a top spot in the list of best headphones with a microphone. It is one of the best headsets with microphone. The audio output is surprisingly clean considering their trendsetting ANC and wireless connection. The mid-range is clear and devoid of any bad annoyance. They deserve a comfort tag as you won’t find the thick ear cushions warming up your ears. This is the reason why you chose earphones over headphones but Bose 35 Wireless headphones will provide you comfort with exceptional audio quality. However, the battery of these headset with microphone cannot be changed, still they have infinite number of features to choose it amongst all.

The Crossfade M-100 headphones with mic are packed with the full power of deep bass. Although on the expensive side in terms of price, they still make up for it with a combination of build in features and excellent audio quality. These headphones are ruggedly built and tested for trauma and protection against the environment. These headphones come with two detachable cables. V Moda Crossfade M-100 headphones with mic also ship with an exoskeleton case. V Moda gives special value to its cables in all its range of headphones. Even if you are standing in a mayhem of noise, it will emphasize the words you speak. It sounds loud and clear on the other part of the world where the rest of the gamers sit. The two huge 50 mm speakers create such a visceral bass impact that is hard to rival by other headphones with mic. Though it’s pounding bass takes the focus away from mids, still its deep energetic base, highly durable design and folds into carrying case will get you attracted towards it.

Sennheiser Momentum headphones created a stir when they were launched in a market. The 2.0 wireless headphones pack the power of active Noise Cancellation. This improved version of Sennheiser Momentum definitely deserves a space in the best headphones with Microphone list. Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 has an innovative design that struck a chord with the users in spite of the thin headband. They are super comfortable, even more than their predecessors. They are generously padded with real leather covers. The headband consists of a ventilated leather strip which keeps the weight off your head. They do not get as silent as the BoseQC 35 but low frequency noise is effectively outed. They are highly balanced with their audio output. It is slightly expensive but it’s agile, rich and balanced sound with high quality noise cancelling mic makes it a perfect choice for keeping it in the list of best 5.

These dapper looking headphones compete with top headphones in their price range in terms of audio and comfort. Bowers and Wilkins use leather generously in their making. They have rectangular ear cups with removable earpads. Earpads can be detached from their magnetic connection. Usually, most of the headphones have the cable connected at their bottom with its plug casing jutting out. Bowers and Wilkins P7 headphones solve this problem while providing the option to change the cable. They are not as compact as the Sennheiser Momentum and the earcups do not rotate to be flat. However, the call quality is good and you are able to have a budget friendly conversation with the best budget headphones. These highly comfortable headsets with mic are a must buy for its rich and full sound with precise balance.

Looking for a great pair of wireless earphones instead? Look at these Powerbeats3 Wireless EarphonesThese Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones by Dr. Dre are the bomb! Great for the hard core workout because they wrap around your ears and are sweat and water-resistant. Also good for walking your favorite furry friend in the park. Fully charged these bluetooth earphones will last 12 hours. Don’t have that long? That’s ok, a quick 5 minute charge will last you an hour. This product made our 10 Best Gadgets in 2019.

Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphone by Dr. Dre

Plantronics have some if the best devices in the categories of mic earphones, Bluetooth and headsets. Plantronics PLNAUDIO478 is a top notch peripheral coming from Plantronics. This petite headset is designed for long hours of use over Skype, be it for a wedding planning or to pitch in into a worldwide. It fits to the mobile life of a serious professional.

The headband is ventilated in order to save you from a bad hair day. The earcups are the best on ear design with a soft foam padding them. The cable of this headphone with mic descends from both sides. This might be a hassle for people who are used to having a cable only on one side. This headset is Skype certified making your Skype experience much easy. It utilizes its audio enhancing technology to clean the calls of ambient noise from your side. It’s not the best option for music playback but has excellent speech recognition by mic making it a good quality headphone with mic. Works equally well on Mac, Chrombebook and Windows computers.


Headphones have grown up and there’s a pair for everyone to use. The above listed headphones are the best in terms of its audio and special features. When it comes to headphone, you have several different types of fits. Make sure to choose something that you’ll feel comfortable wearing and is worth your money. However, expensive doesn’t

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