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Alexa – The One Gadget You Simply Can’t Live Without

Echo Dot with sounds coming out

Alexa Tap“Alexa, turn off the lights.”

In 2018, I finally succumbed to the world of Alexa Products. Now I couldn’t do without them.

When I wake up, I turn to Alexa to play upbeat music and tell me the weather. Overall my personal virtual assistant has more than 30,000 special skills so I’m just getting started.

Echo Dot with sounds coming out


In the evening, I get ready for the date I’ve been looking forward to all week. I tell Alexa to make a reservation at my favorite restaurant downtown, and even ask a question to check that I look my best (after all, everyone needs a confidence boost!).

Before I head up my driveway, I use my smartphone to request Alexa to dim the lighting in the house to a beautiful romantic hue. The whole day is perfect, and I barely had to lift a finger.

All of this is made possible through simple voice recognition or just a few swipes of my smartphone. It makes it irresistibly easy to use Alexa for everyday tasks, several times a day.

“This all makes us slaves to modern technology”.

Person listing to Echo Dot

It’s true that my relationship with Alexa seems closer than I imagined. But I disagree that having virtual helpers makes us co-dependent. Alexa is specifically designed to compliment existing technology, creating a new super product like the best Alexa lights.

Another concern harbored by some, is that Alexa products are listening in our lives. This year the ability of modern tech products to spy on us has hit the news headlines more than ever before. Time will tell whether technology becomes excessively intrusive. But for now, with considered use, we can trust that Alexa is here to serve our needs and purposes – and that we can get all the wonderful enjoyment, and keep our privacy.


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