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Amazon Echo Dot Review – Why You Should Buy One

Amazon Echo Dot by Web by Webb

Amazon Echo Dot: Summary 

Amazon replaced the many deficiencies of Amazon Echo with the Amazon Echo Dot. Bulky and not worth the $180 it goes for without the Alexa, the Amazon Echo was just a speaker. It received many bitter reactions. Many just didn’t see how it was entirely different from a speaker pad, and in some way, they may be right.

Talk about listening to consumers’ reactions; Amazon came up with an even smarter device at a more than half the price of Amazon Echo and half the size too. The Amazon Echo Dot is a must-have for anyone wanting to run a smart home on a tight budget. At $50, the Amazon Echo Dot is the best finish to a connected home.

Amazon Echo Dot is just more than an assistant; it is a pod of sterling artificial intelligence on automation for domestic use. This Amazon Echo Dot Review will show the awesomeness this $50 device can do.

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Amazon Echo Dot Review: Quick Specifications

  • 1.3 inches tall
  • Audio-out Port
  • Bluetooth Speaker Support
  • Dedicated Keys
  • An Internal Speaker
  • LED ring light
  • Smart Voice Sensitivity

Amazon Echo Dot Review: A Smart Audio Functionality

Though the Amazon Echo Dot comes with an internal speaker that does considerably well, the audio-out port even allows it to deliver greater audio experience when it is connected to your stereo speakers in your home.

This way, if you have a great set of speakers that delivers pretty well, you can connect them to the Amazon Echo Dot. With the port, you are not stranded with the limitedness of the internal speaker.

Apart from the audio-out port, the Amazon Echo Dot also comes with Bluetooth connectivity that allows audio to stream from the Echo Dot to your speakers via Bluetooth.

That makes it especially smart in audio delivery. You can have your favorite podcasts or music stream to a speaker closer to you, and you do not have to be necessarily near the Amazon Echo Dot. This smart audio functionality helps with greater audio experience in the well-spaced arena.

However, it should be noted that the audio-out port and the Bluetooth functionalities cannot work simultaneously.

Amazon Echo Dot Review: The Best Home Assistant

Now, let’s tell explore why this is not another glorified smart speaker. The reason is that it comes with Alexa. Alexa is like the Apple’s Siri.

Alexa is an automated cloud-based assistant on the Amazon server. She is woken up on the Amazon Echo Dot by saying her name. Alexa does the assistant job pretty well.

You can visualize Alexa as that smart, physical robot walking around your house to get your tasks done, only that this Alexa is virtual and in it housed in the Amazon Echo Dot pod.

With Alexa, the Amazon Echo Dot Pot can do virtually everything for you. It can stream music, set your alarm, read out news and stories to you, update your reminders, check your schedules, order food and shop for items online for you.

It can do just about anything; just name it. And to think that kind of fantastic device goes for $50! You’ve got to be kidding me. But yeah, it is true. Another interesting thing about this 2nd generation Amazon Echo Dot is that it can sort out through a slush pile of information to giving you the exact thing you need. It can even tell jokes and plays games with you, like Jeopardy. Another benefit is that you can have an Echo Dot in each room and link them and stream the same music throughout your home.

Just the flexibility of the natural intelligence, the Alexa in the Amazon Echo Dot keeps increasing in intelligence with the Skill app.

The Skill app allows you to add different skill to the Alexa’s AI. These skills are third party add-ons that allow Alexa to do even many more things.

Reports have it that these third-party skills could be around 4,000. That’s a great number of things to be able to do if you ask me.

For instance, on the Skill app, you can Uber skills, the News’ skill, the Domino’s skill and as many more that you want to ask. The Uber’s skill, for instance, will book an Uber for you with a voice command, while the News’ skill will surf through your selected online news sources to deliver the updates relevant to your choice.

What’s even more impressive are the home automation skills. You can have Alexa manage and control your Nest Learning Thermostat, 

Portable, Efficient, and Attentive

At 1.3 inches tall, the Amazon Echo Dot can easily blend into your home without much notice. The architectural design doesn’t make it quite obvious around the house.

The Amazon Echo Dot also comes in two different colors: black and white. With these colors, you do not have to worry about the device becoming an anomaly to your home décor.

Portability hasn’t been this possible the way it is with Amazon Echo Dot. The Amazon Echo Dot also comes designed with a LED ring light that goes around the whole circle of the device.

This LED light tells you when the device is on and listening to you. You have to be careful though about sensitive discussions around the Amazon Echo Dot.

It can mistake any word for the word ‘Alexa’ and begin storing your discussions on the Amazon servers as commands.

Interestingly though, the mute button can be used to prevent that. The Amazon Echo Dot isn’t just an efficient assistant; it is indeed attentive too.

The Amazon Echo Dot is an affordable home accessory that makes your home activities and devices run with a stylish smoothness. Get your Echo Dot today (compare prices here).

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