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Best Outdoor Projectors For 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

Summertime comes with an array of fun things to do, it is about that time we want to go camping, hiking or stay at home and create some memorable family time.

In the same vein, there is nothing like sitting with your family to watch movies using the best outdoor projectors so as to shine more light on your summer evening. You can use your outdoor video projector to draw up memories with your children and wife or even watch movies during your family camping with your camping projector.

In this article, we have collected the best and most up-to-date outdoor projectors list for 2019 and have carefully examined each and why you should consider going for them.

For the best view of outdoor projectors, it is always better to opt for an HD(High Definition) projector in 720p or 1080p, and the brightness should be around 2,000 lumens. You must have HDMI connectivity for ease of use.


Projectors are made from three leading projectile technologies

  • Liquid crystal display (LCD)
  • Liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS)
  • Digital light processing (DLP).

However, the advantage and the disadvantage of these technologies slightly vary between them, causing the degree of distinctiveness and their array of features.

When you buy the best outdoor projectors, always choose according to your needs, the environment of use and the configuration. In this article, we will discuss the diversity and exclusiveness of the best outdoor projectors.


Digital light processing is a display device based on a micro-electromechanical technology matrix that uses a standard lamp to process the image to the screen. DLP can be described as less pixilated and better projection technology. DLP projectors are available in both single-chip and tri-chip projectors.

These projectors are characterized by intense black contrast and high LCD projectors which make them best for watching 3D movies. They have significant advantages regarding sharpness, 3D shooting, and fast movement and are perfect for an outdoor video projector. The brightness of the DLP projectors is unbelievably bright, but these projectors have some drawbacks, such as limited placement flexibility and the rainbow effect.


This technology works in the configuration system of three mirrors and light crystals, which displays the image on the surface of the screen. LCD technology was introduced in the late 1980s and has become one of the most important and important factors in any visualization device for two decades.

LCD projectors display a brighter picture than the DLP projector. These projectors are more energy efficient than DLP, but they are grayer and have less color contrast than DLP projectors.

The 3D images generated in the LCD are less visible or weaker than the DLP projectors, but they are much better than the LCOS projector due to their bright image. LCD projectors are available at a low and affordable price, just like a one-chip DLP projector.

LCD projectors have the advantages of high brightness and excellent motion management, while their main disadvantages are the noisy dynamic iris.

  • Liquid Crystals on Silicon (LCoS)

The Light Crystal on Silicon technology is the combination of LCD and DLP technology. The goal is to reduce the shortcomings of both techniques and to maximize the benefits of both technologies. LCoS reflects the active matrix of the liquid crystal layer in the backplane of the upper silicon.

For LCoS projectors, the lights are formed after reflecting the three individual panels when they are on the LCD projectors breaking forth the brightness of light through a single LCD panel. The screen is sharper and brighter than LCD and DLP projectors. This type of projector is costly and rare for normal users.

The main advantages of the crystal light in the silicon projectors are the dark light display and the high contrast ratio, which make it incredibly perfect for the movie projector.

However, LCoS is loud in 3D, ensures blurry scenes of fast movement and is also a bit expensive than the normal projector.


These are the most common terms that a person should know before buying the best outdoor projectors.

  • Lumen

The brightness of the projector is measured in lumens. That is, the highest light output means displaying the brightest image on the screen.

  • Contrast Ratio

The contrast ratio can be set as a bright (white) to dark (black) color ratio. A contrast ratio of 20,000:1 means that the white image is 20,000 times brighter than the black image of the projector. The higher the contrast ratio, the more bright images are ideal for a good screen projector.

  • HDMI Connectivity

The High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is multimedia (audio/video) interface that transmits uncompressed video and audio signals to a video projector. It is a digital replacement for the analog video system.


  1. Epson Powerlite 3020


With an exceptionally bright screen of nearly 2000 lumens, this projector is an excellent choice for homes where there is no proper projector configuration with the right space in the room.

This projector can do a good job. The Epson Powerlite is specifically designed for use in family rooms and looks more like a large TV projector.

It’s best known for 3D performance, and a 24p reading is way ahead of what a regular TV can offer for the same price. It comes with a very clear remote. The 10-watt rear speakers work as a pump for a family room.

The screen size is about 300 inches and comes with a color management system to make your experience appealing. The shadow and contrast details of the Epson 3020 are incredible.

The connectivity options include two HDMI ports, a component and AV jack, and a VGA adapter. A USB port is also included.


• Ideal for home use

• The lighting and the contrast are very good

• 3D performance is very impressive


• Some users have reported that the length is much smaller than the specified one

• The spare bulb costs a lot

Acer H5380BD 720p Home Cinema Projector – Best 3D Projector


This outdoor projector surprises with its noble workmanship and incredible picture quality. It’s a big screen projector, but of high quality and portability.

• This amazing projector displays large-format images with incredible clarity of up to 300 inches or 762 cm.

• It has a large screen with the best clarity, giving you a completely new experience with a native resolution of 1280×720.

• The contrast ratio is 17,000: 1 and is of high quality.

• With HDMI, USB, VGA and audio ports for better connectivity.

• Compatible with Mac PC and Windows PC.

• It comes with an attractive remote control.

• Includes dust cover and 3D glasses.


• Cheap for his qualities

• 3D with Blu Ray

• 720p native resolution

• HDMI is also compatible with MHL


• It is reported that the volume is low in some cases

3.    Optoma HD141X Outdoor – DLP 3D Home Theater Projector

Specially created for great home entertainment. The brilliant HD141X display is perfect for watching movies, TV shows, videos, etc. The built-in speakers and HDMI connectors provide an easy-to-use system for users and pose as one of the best projectors for outdoor movies. The selected projector modes offer a unique experience on the screen.


• Provides 1080p master HD picture quality with full 3D performance.

• Supports video sources, including Blu Ray.

• It comes with two HDMI ports and an audio system comparable to a conventional TV.

• It is a desirable option to replace it with a TV in your room

• Specially designed for home entertainment.

• Unmatched brightness up to 3000 lumens.

• Your speakers are loud enough to fill a room. However, if you need more sound, you can quickly switch to an external sound source.

• Weighs 5 pounds and 8 ounces.

• HDMI and MHL connections are enabled.


• Super picture quality

• HDMI dual connections

• High sound

• MHL is included


• Image quality may be slightly weak under the harshest conditions.

4. Epson VS230 SVGA 3LCD Projector

The projector that is known to solve all problems; solves all your main needs such as budget, lighting issues, portability, ease of use, higher brightness, etc., which gives you a very elegant experience;


• The brightness varies from 2300 lumens, which is excellent.

• SVGA resolution of 800 × 600.

• Full black with rounded corners of 5.3 pounds, making it easily portable.

• HDMI, VGA, three RCA jacks are included.

• The projector has an excellent rating of 5,000 hours.

• 55-inch screen

• A great option for schools or businesses that need a regular projector for presentations and on short notice


• Very reasonable price.

• Can be easily transported from one place to another.

• Long lamp life with low replacement cost.


• No 3D capability

• The audio output is not that loud.

• The video is not so clear in the greyish lights.

5. Optoma HD20 – Editor’s Choice – Best Outdoor Projector

Great for watching movies and home theater experience. The Optoma HD20 offers users high-performance, high-performance 1080p HD video and a stunning 3000 lumens image with a contrast ratio of 23000: 1. Amaze your friends with the best picture details and superior color reproduction. Optoma HD20 is one of the best outdoor projectors of 2019.


• Without exaggeration, this is something that can be called a game change

• Full HD 1080p in a lower test range of $ 1,000

• Provides a picture of very high quality

• Weighs about 6.4 pounds and measures “3.8 x 12.8 x 9.2” so small that you can easily store it anywhere.

• Specially designed for a housewife

• Two full HDMI ports, VGA, RCA and MHL ports for convenient connectivity.

• The brightness starts at 1700 lumens, which means that the screen is very bright.

• The quality of the image is greatly improved at every scale.


• High-quality image for 480ps and more.

• Easy storage and connectivity.

• Very decent in its price range

• The best for home theater


• This product currently has no major drawbacks that are very good.

6. Brookstone Pocket Projector Micro – Best Pocket Projector

NEW Brookstone Pocket Projector MICRO Rechargeable HDMI Games Video Audio WHITE

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Free shipping

It is a pocket projector, often called a “spike” projector, it is quite elegant and has a shiny finish.


• Very easy to set up and watch.

• Produce a visible image.

• The battery life is 2 hours and is easy to recharge.

• For short-term use, for example in office presentations.

• Measures 3.9 to 3.8 inches.

• Built-in battery makes life easier.

• The built-in 1-watt speaker that generates enough noise to make your videos worth watching. However, you can combine it with a sound source to achieve high levels of speech.

• Micro and mini HDMI adapters are also included in the box when it comes to it.

• You can even connect your smartphone or other devices via its ports.

• Connect your Apple Box to create airplay shimmer and watch videos or great pictures.

• The reasonably priced nylon bag comes with the projector for easy stowage and protection from scratches.


• Easy to manage, stop button.

• Use this projector as the power source for your device.

• It comes with a full resolution of 1080p.


• It’s a bit expensive in this price range.

7.    Epson Home Cinema 1440 1080p Projector – Best Projector for Sunny Room

Improve your daily entertainment with Full HD movies and an incredible sports experience, up to three times more brightness than your main competitors with Epson 1440, 1080p full screen, creating brilliant and stunning screens to surprise your guests or your customers.


• If you are looking for a projector that can be set up in a sunny room with all the windows open, this projector is suitable for you.

• This is a combination of office use as a home projector because it is done with an old-school design if there was no concept of distinguishing between the two terms.

• Provides much more light than typical projectors of this type, but no 3D features.

• It has an excellent rating of 4440 lumens, based on the full frame size from 1920 to 1200.

• Weighs about 10 pounds 3 ounces, which makes it a little bit harder to handle like a portable projector.

• The rear ports include two HDMI ports, one video port, and two VGA ports instead of a single VGA port, which is more commonly used in home projectors. There is also a type A USB port. The type B USB port works. The latter works for a direct USB PC and the previous one works to display the files directly from the USB port.

• The 16-watt mono speaker provides high-quality sound.

• It has a player mode that is excellent.


• The best sound quality

• Excellent for everyday use

• Friendly players

• High-quality image


• Missing video processing features

• It’s a bit hard

8.    DLP Optoma HD37 1080p 3D Home Theater – Best HD Outdoor Projector

With 1080p, the Optoma HD37 offers a master image quality with bright, precise and vivid colors. With a soft and comfortable finish, this projector is very easy to use and use and has better shades for a decent life picture. On the other hand, the MHL is compatible with mobile devices, so you have a completely new experience connecting your mobile phones to the projector and enjoying multiple experiences.


• This home entertainment projector has excellent features in its price range.

• With a fantastic brightness of 2,500 lumens and a contrast ratio of 20,000: 1, the Optoma HD37 is one of the best outdoor projectors that can be used during the day.

• Resolution 1920 × 1080, 3D Full HD.

• VGA, HDMI, USB, MHL outputs for easy connectivity.

Subtitles included

• Fantastic life of up to 2000 hours and a lamp life of 30,000 hours.

• It has a digital zoom function.

• Measures a weight of about 7.7 g.

• An incredible brightness.

• Built-in 10-watt

• This is one of the best projectors of the company.

• Excellent color

• The best option for the home, if you have set up a home theater, it is a perfect choice.

• The infrared remote control has a backlight.

• ISFccc certified, with day and night display modes to optimize image quality.

• Thanks to MHL support, mobile devices can be easily connected to this incredible projector.

• A bright and precise color

• It can be a great replacement for your TV screen.

• 1-year warranty.


• Full 1080p in 3D and 2D

• Two MHL and HDMI ports are a very good point.

• Very good for the house

• Affordable in its price range

• The consumer’s favorite product


• Displays rainbow colors on gray or black and white backgrounds


The article is detailed the best outdoor projectors that can give you the best family and friend’s time outdoor or camping experience. With the wide array of features displayed in this article, you won’t have a tough time selecting the best camping projector or outdoor video projector anymore.


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