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20 Coolest Things on Amazon under $100

Are you looking for some of the coolest things on Amazon? Well, look no further as here is a list that will instantly give you the details of the coolest things to buy on Amazon right now. The best part is that every item that is mentioned on this list is priced under $100. From latest tech gadgets to some innovative toys, this list encompasses everything. 

1. An LED digital clock that also acts as a countdown timer

Having multiple brightness settings, this giant LED digital clock has several functions. In case you are having a game at home, you can use this clock as the countdown timer. It also comes with a remote. With a total of 142 LED lights, this clock is definitely going to catch a lot of attention when someone enters your room.





2. The Amazon Echo Dot will make you feel like a boss

Do you like it when everyone listens to what you say? Well, then the Amazon Echo Dot is one of the best gadgets on Amazon. All you have to do is plug in the device to your speaker and then you can tell Alexa to play whichever song you want to hear. Compare prices here.




3. A Polaroid camera to get the retro feel

This Polaroid camera is a compact companion that not only gives fantastic instant photos but the best part is that you can take it anywhere with you. It also comes with three shooting modes.





4. A Jenga game where sky is the only limit

This is probably the biggest Jenga game you will ever play. During gameplay, this game can extend to as much as 5 feet. It is also easy to carry and you can take it along with you on a picnic or a beach day.





5. A funky backpack with a solid durability

This backpack is not only high on functionality but its funky design also gives it an overall chic outlook.






6. A 6 feet tall soccer ball

Yes, definitely not kidding as you can actually inflate this soccer ball into a giant 6 feet structure. Made of black and white vinyl, it is quite durable too. This is surely one of the coolest things you can get under $100.






7. Packing cubes for an organized travel experience

Do you hate it when your things get misplaced inside your suitcase? Well, no more such hectic scenarios as these packing cubes can help you in streamlined and organized packing.





8. A minimalist elegant watch which also shows the date

Among the man gadgets online this minimalist elegant watch is sure to strike a chord. It can be worn to all places and the metallic finish gives it a classy appearance.






9. A portable wireless speaker for an uninterrupted music experience

With in-built solar panels, you don’t have to charge this speaker. Going out for camping? Then this speaker can give you endless hours of music.






10. Security camera with hi-tech features

Want to keep your home secure even though you are not at home? Then this security camera will prove to be one of the best gadgets on Amazon as it has features like motion detection, two-way talk and also has excellent night vision.







11. A rug for the ultimate Star Wars fan

If you are a Star Wars fan, then this rug can be the perfect addition to your living room. It is the most appropriate nerd accessory.




12. An alarm clock in the form of a rug

How about snoozing your alarm every morning by placing your feet on the rug? Yes, this is possible with this alarm clock that is in the form of a rug. This will actually help you to get up every morning.






13. Collar for dogs that will keep fleas and ticks at bay

If you have a dog in the house, then you will know how horrifying a flea or tick on your dog can be. But this collar will release some active ingredients slowly but consistently to keep the fleas and ticks away.






14. A tracking device to keep track of your things

Are you paranoid that your belongings might get lost? Then this small tracking device is going to help you to know the exact location of your possessions in case they are lost.






15. A lightning cable that can even survive a dog bite

One of the coolest things to buy on Amazon is this super strong lightning cable which is also below $100. It can survive all types of tensions including a dog bite.






16. Touchscreen gloves to use in the cold weather

If you are looking for a functional gift for men on Amazon, these gloves can just be it. No more frozen fingers in the snow as you can handle your phone and text your friends even with your gloves on.





17. A fitness tracker to burn some calories

Keep a track on how many calories you have burned in a day with this fitness tracker that can also tell you how many steps you have walked in a day. You may also like our Top 10 Fitness Trackers for Women post.






18. A portable fireplace for your trips

Going somewhere chilly? Well, this portable fireplace can be a handy companion as it can instantly make the ambience warm.







19. Thor’s hammer because why not?

Well, if you are that geeky Marvel Universe fan, then why not keep Mjolnir in your house and actually get to hold it for yourself?







20. A digital photo frame that can be updated through Wi-Fi

This is probably one of the coolest things on Amazon because you do not have to print your pictures any more. You can change them in the photo frame with just a single swap as it is Wi-Fi enabled.





So, these are some of the coolest things to buy on Amazon within $100. Whether it is just for collecting some unique things or for gifting someone, these products are not only different but also functional. The list also includes some amazing tech gadgets and day-to-day accessories but with a twist which makes them the coolest things on Amazon.

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