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Drone Buying Guide – How to Buy a Drone in 2019

GoPro Karma Drone

So, you’re looking to buy a drone in 2019 which is right for you and fulfill your requirements. While the prices of drones differ, your decision for purchase should basically be dependent on your level of expertise and the purpose for which you’re buying a drone. This drone buying guide would make your decisions easier and better.

Firstly, we shall talk about the different classes of drones available in markets. Drones in each category are built with different functions and serve specific purposes.

Types of Drones

  Toy Drones

These are basic drones mostly suited for the enthusiasts. If you’ve never had any experience flying drones, these are just perfect for you. It gets you acquainted with the basics, whetting your appetite for drones. They also are not expensive and can endure minimal crashes, with their spare parts readily available. Generally, these drones just set the pace for your endeavors in drone flying.

 Camera/Photography Drones

Because they are more professional with better features, camera drones are more expensive than the toy or hobby drones. These drones are especially built for aerial photography and allow wonderful footages of places or events to be taken.

If you’re a photographer and want to use drones to enhance your work, photography drones should be your pick. Some drones take 4K shoots and stabilize images of their own accord.

However, photography drones can be more expensive than each other. Drones used by photographers in the movie industry are usually more expensive than first-level photography drones. This is because the image quality is super high to achieve a better screen quality for films.

Racing Drones

These are the speed masters designed for racing. They are also known to possess agile and durable qualities. Racing drones also have special cameras that help the pilot, or racer in this case, to fly the drone in a race.

Should look out while Buying Drone:

It is good that you now know the categories of drones that are available in the market. However, this is not the end of the parameters you should consider. Therefore, we have this drone buying guide, 2019. Here are some other features you should be on the lookout for, when buying your drone.

Flight Time and Battery Life

This is considered a vital feature to consider in a drone. The longer the flight time, the better and more fun your experience. You don’t want your drone to stop flying suddenly because it ran out of battery power. The flight times are often shorter for hobby or beginner drones, with a maximum time of 10 minutes.

In this case, you may need to get yourself extra batteries, especially because the batteries take a long time before they charge up again.


To get high quality images possible from footage capturing, the quality and specifications of the drone’s camera should be considered greatly. These features include the camera resolutions for both photo and video.

However, while certain drones come with inbuilt cameras in them, some let you attach your own camera. You can always check for camera quality before buying drones.


The range of your drone depends on the type of drone and the purpose for which it will be used. The ranges for toy drones are usually short, but longer for high-end drones. Racing drones especially need long ranges, as well as photography drones, for high quality footage.

Headless Mode

The front and back ends of drones look pretty much the same, making it difficult for a pilot to fly the drone in different positions. The Headless Mode therefore is a property you should consider very much when buying a drone as it lets flying a drone become much easier, whether the drone’s front is facing away from you or not.


The gimbal ensures your camera is steady during drone motion so that the footages are clear and standard.

Integrated GPS

This feature works together with the Return-To-Home feature. It lets your drone return to you seamlessly with the help of the integrated GPS.

Price Matters for Beginners

Finally, as a beginner in piloting drones, you need to understand that starting out with a less expensive drone may be best for you, at least until you become more convenient with them. You don’t want to crash an expensive drone that can’t be easily fixed.

Another thing to note, like we mentioned before, is that most drones generally have short flight times. It is therefore important that you always carry extra batteries with you.

There are also regulations that come with owning a drone. In the United States, drones with weights above 0.55 pounds should be registered with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

5 Wonderful Drones That Might Interest You

Holy Stone HS160 Shadow FPV RC Drone (shop prices)

This is a cool drone for beginners and kids who are interested in flying drones. It can easily fold up and fit into your pants pocket. It can also take aerial photos and videos, with storage capabilities in the app and mobile system.

Contixo F18 Advanced GPS Assisted RC Quadcopter (shop prices)

This is more high-end drone with better qualities, including an Integrated GPS system that is completely aware of its location. It also has a full HD camera with 1920×1920 resolutions. It returns to you automatically once the battery runs low. You can do no wrong spending your money on this one.

DJI Mavic Air, Onyx Black (shop prices)

Superb drone for photographers and videographers. Possessing a true 4k video capture, it can also capture 12 MP photos that make your footages as clear as possible. It also flies at a speed of 43 mph in Sport Mode. Your job becomes easier with the DJI Mavic Air.

GoPro Karma with Hero 5 Black (shop prices)

Aerial footages from the GoPro Karma is amazingly smooth. The videos captured from it are also steady with a grip that makes your filming, both handheld and mounted, stabilized. 

Parrot Bepop 2 Drone (shop prices)

This is an amazing drone that is easy to navigate with capable lens for video recording (14 megapixel fish-eye lens). The motors are powerful and let you fly higher.

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