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Drones with Camera

Force 1 Drone F100 Ghost Drone -

Drones are a fantastic piece of equipment and are enjoyed by YouTubers, bloggers, videographers, directors, and even kids looking to survey their surroundings from a bird’s-eye view. In addition to being fun to fly, many people are finding ways to make money using drones. If you are looking to get a drone, there are several things you should put into consideration. What specs you’re in the market for? How much money do you need? How should you pick?  Below I provide a list of the best drones with camera, and some of these are the best professional drones with camera, too.

Most persons go for drones that have a camera included, and if you’re getting a drone, you should consider one with the First-Person-View-Feature, crucial to shooting pictures while operating the drone. First-Person-View gives you the chance to look at the monitor that displays the live video being transmitted while controlling the drone. 

Other features to look into include are: 

Altitude hold – Altitude hold simplifies the process of flying a drone, enabling you to have an easy time capturing quality videos. 

Auto liftoff and landing – This feature is critical in helping to land the drone safely. 

Movable camera – Very few drones in the price point of the ones we reviewed come with a movable camera. A movable camera is one feature that increases the range of photos that can be taken. 

Battery life and flight range – Drones fly with the aid of batteries, so when purchasing a drone, you should consider how long it’s going to take before the battery dies out. Some drones fly for no more than 20 minutes and others only as much as 250 meters. 

To make your decision easy, we decided to prepare a list of drones which you can get at really affordable prices without having to compromise on quality. 

  1. MJX BUGS 3

The MJX Bug 3 is the first drone produced by Mei Jai Xin (MJX) Company which isn’t in the toy drone category. The MJX Bug 3 goes for $80 and for a pioneer drone, the price point is just perfect. 

The MJX Bug 3 can function as a ready to fly FPV Racer or an entry-level aerial photography drone. The drone has standard altitude high and low modes, but no altitude hold mode. The bright LED light installed in the nose along with four colored LEDs at the front, and back help determines the drone’s orientation. 

The drone’s powerful brushless motors provide the right robustness to attach a GoPro or some other sports camera. However, the drone is not strong enough to support a 3-axis gimbal system but still, is great for aerial photography and inspection work. 

The MJX Bug 3 is designed to be flown manually, and this means it’s not a good fit for beginner pilots.

  1. FORCE 1 F100 GHOST

Force 1 Drone F100 Ghost Drone

One feature that sets the Force 1 F100 apart from other drones on this list is that it allows for customization. You can fly with or without an FPV camera, it has powerful brushless motors and has a 1080p HD camera. On a single charge, the Force 1 F100 can be flown for up to 20 minutes and as far as 500m.

On the downside, the Force1 F100 doesn’t have GPS, flight modes or altitude hold but for a drone with a base price of $100, it seems like a fair bargain. 

  1. ALTAIR AA108

The Altair AA108 is the perfect beginner drone, designed especially for children and young adults. The drone has an intuitive flight control, stable flight, and polished, sleek design. 

The Altair AA108 has altitude hold, a return home function and a flight time of up to 10 minutes on a single charge. The camera has a 120-degree field of view, producing images of HD 720p quality. Also, the drone has a camera fixed to the body without a gimbal and this affects the stability of the camera. 

The drone has a one-button take-off and landing, altitude hold and headless mode. Also, there are three flight skill levels, making the drone ideal for pilots of any skill level. 

  1. BUGS 5W

The MJX Bugs 5W is a solid brushless drone equipped with 1080p adjustable cameras which are remote controlled and allows you to line up your pictures and videos directly from FPV feeds. 

Flight time on the Bugs 5W is about 18 minutes on a full charge with a flight range of up to 300 meters. There is no video stabilization on the Bugs 5W, but for a drone with a base price of $130, the price is fair enough. 

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The MJX Bugs 2XE is an upgrade on the MJX Bugs 3, coming at a price point of $160. This is a full-featured GPS drone with a 1080p camera, GPS and altitude hold. It also has a return-to-home feature, orbit capability waypoints and follow me. The drone has an impressive range of up to 1000 meters without FPV and 500 meters with FPV. 

On the downside, the camera on the MJX Bugs 2SE is fixed, and there’s no image stabilization in flight which affects the quality of videos the camera produces. However, for a drone priced at $160 with a flight time of up to 20 minutes, the MJX Bugs 2SE is a great bargain. 

  1. HUSBAN H501S

The Husban H501S is popular for several reasons – it has altitude hold stability, it features GPS and has an HD camera. Also, instead of WiFi for FPV, it has a much more reliable 5.8GHz analog signal. There’s also a built-in screen from where videos can be viewed and the return-to-home as well as follow-me modes available. 

The camera on the Husban H501S is a 1080p camera with a flight range of up to 500m. For a base price of $199, the Husban H501S is an incredible bargain although the lack of orbit and absence of a gimbal which affects stabilization are some downsides. 


The Potensic F181DH is a very sleek and well-designed drone with strikingly prime colors and aesthetic cut lines, which increases the appeal of the drone. 

This drone uses an air pressure sensor that helps hold the drone in position, allowing for better quality videos and photos. It has a one-key take off, which makes the drone easier to fly for any pilot and more comfortable to control. The drone controller has a built-in LCD screen which allows you to view the FPV directly from the drone saving you the trouble of having to attach your smartphone to the controller. 

Flight on the Potensic F181DH is stabilized owing to the drone’s stabilization system with six gyros that ensures smoothness of flight. 

In the drone’s box, you get a 4GB SD card with an extra battery that allows for a flight time of about 12 minutes on a single battery charge. 


The Potensic F183DH is a much less popular drone which is features on this list primarily for the features it comes with. The drone is very durable and can handle windy conditions incredibly well. 

This drone has FPV and a dual LCD screen that fits into the controller, which saves you the stress of having to attach your smartphone to configure WiFi. The onboard camera is 2 megapixel and has a 720p sensor which although not as powerful as you’d expect but has a 5.8GHz transmission support which prevents video lag. The drone doesn’t have a gimbal, so stabilization is poor and video recorded while flying is sent directly to a 4GB data card streamed live to the controller. 

Finally, the Potensic F183DH has an altitude hold which allows images to be taken in one position, and overall, the drone flies well. The balance of flight and features makes this drone one of the best under $200 drones. 


The Engine Racer 250 is a quality entry level drone with incredible speed. The drone is essentially a plug and fly model although you will need to attach a receiver to it and configure your radio before it can take flight. 

The drone comes equipped with about everything but radio and receiver. Also, it includes a video transmitter and an on-screen display with coverleaf antenna. It’s recommended you get a set of FPV goggles handy to enjoy the full FPV experience. There’s about 14 minutes of flying time available, but with a couple of extra batteries you’re covered and will go as far as 1800m before losing control signal. 

If you’re looking to go drone racing, then the Engine Racer 250 makes that possible although the complex configuration might pose a problem to newbie pilots. 

  1. MJX BUGS 5W

This is a powerful quadcopter that combines an amazing set of features with some cool specifications. The MJX BW2 Bugs is regarded as one of the drones with the best performance drone with camera in the market. It comes equipped with a 6 axis Gyro system which allows for a smooth ride and a 7.4V 1,800mAh battery that allows for a flight time of up to 18 minutes. 

Control range on this drone is a bit short, about 300 meters, but it makes up for that with excellent handling, stability, and a 1080p camera that allows for good quality videos. Other features include altitude hold, one key return, and LED lights. For a price of about $230, the MJX Bugs 5W about covers all required features. 

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