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Gifts That Give Back

The Humanity Ring is a gift that gives back

Everyone loves giving gifts and receiving them, but there are times when gifts that give back are more popular than a basic gift.  Thankfully, there are many gifts with a cause available, so you can give the perfect gift and support an amazing charity at the same time.  

The Humanity Ring

The Humanity Ring (pictured above) was designed by a Swiss American design team.  This is one of those spinner rings that is also considered a prayer wheel- the outer ring that spins around the ring on the inside is engraved with a universal peace mantra.  The unique design of this spinner ring includes three lines, which are the borders of three countries representing the humanitarian crisis in the world.  When you purchase this ring, 100% of profits will be donated to that humanitarian cause, helping to create a global community that is united. This is one of the bests gifts with a cause. Learn more…

Grounds & Hounds Fair Trade Organic Coffee Starter Kit

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Grounds & Hounds has created this three-blend starter kit for coffee-lovers around the world.  Each kit contains three bags of their most popular fair trade organic blends.  Those blends are Morning Walk Breakfast Blend, Alpha Blend Dark Roast, and Paper & Slippers Medium Roast.  Once you grind the whole beans from one of the bags, you can brew your own perfect cup of coffee.  The breakfast blend will have you experiencing subtle flavors that include toasted nuts, cherry, toffee, and cocoa.  The darkest roast offers the boldness of cocoa and vanilla, while the medium blend is full of hints of brownie, blackberry, and blueberry.  

When you purchase one of these gifts that give back, you will be supporting dogs who need a second chance.  Grounds & Hounds works with many different rescues and organizations to give dogs a better life by donating twenty percent of their profits.

Benevolence LA Premium Rose & Sandalwood Candle

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Candles are considered one of the best gifts to give, especially if you can choose one that offers gifts with a cause.  This candle by Benevolence LA offers a relaxing rose and sandalwood scent that has forty-five hours of burn time.  The ingredients used to make this candle are soy based, so the candle burns clean with no toxic fumes.  This candle is one of the gifts that give back and when you purchase this one, you are supporting Zoe International.  This charity supports those who have suffered from human trafficking and slavery around the world.


Bath Bomb Gift Set

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If you are looking for a gift that can be used for an afternoon, or evening, of relaxation, you cannot go wrong with this bath bomb gift set.  The six bath bombs all offer a different scent, yet they all provide a relaxing experience.  The six different scents are labeled as goddess, detox, inspiration, mother’s intuition, sweet tooth, and unwind.  The true scents though are cotton candy, floral, caramel and vanilla, lavender with lemon, strawberries, and coconut.  As part of gifts that give back, your purchase of this gift set will provide support to the Mom Bomb charity.  They are a non-profit that supports moms who are finding themselves in difficult situations.  A few things they help with include childcare, housekeeping, laundry, and food deliveries.  

Mexican Blanket

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So many people love wrapping themselves up in a warm comfortable blanket, which is why they make wonderful gifts.  This Mexican blanket is handmade from one hundred percent recycled materials and weighs approximately three pounds.  These blankets can be used in so many different ways and they will get softer over time since they are machine washable.  This is one of the gifts with a cause that supports Gifts for Giving.  The goal of this charity is to fight poverty and so far, they have helped four villages in Africa. 

FreshJax Grilling Spice Gift Set

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The grill-lover in your life will be thrilled when you give them this grilling spice gift set from FreshJax!  The five different spices are made from organic ingredients and are gluten free, kosher, and contain no GMOs.  The spices included within this gift set are citrus pepper, smokey southwest, peppered habanero, fresh bay, and grill master.  A purchase of this gift that gives back will have you helping FreshJax provide meals to children who would otherwise go hungry.  They have donated over sixty-five thousand meals so far this year and would like to more than double that by year’s end.  

These are only a few of the options you have when it comes to choosing gifts that give back.  If you are looking for gifts with a cause, we recommend starting with these options and then seeing what else you can find when looking for a gift with a certain meaning.  There are no limits when it comes to giving in more ways than one when you are shopping for gifts for the people you love the most.

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