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GoPro Hero 5 Black includes many features that aim at increasing the convenience of use. The king of action cameras has not reduced its ability to capture great videos and photos. Instead, its has even acquired more interesting features like image stabilization, voice control and durability. Now it is easier to pull contents off the high spec action camera, edit content into short videos, and even share online. In this GoPro Hero 5 Black review, we will consider its improvement and of course, its downsides.

GoPro Hero 5 Black Review: SPECIFICATIONS

• 4K video recording at 3.0fps

• 2.0inch touch screen

• 12MP still images

Unfortunately, past generations of GoPro have been on the low side of usability. Due to their unapproachable side, by lacking a back screen for setting and reviewing video images, bamboozling users with a variety of complex camera settings. These made it really stressful to ensure the manipulation of footages and pictures when on the move or in a hurry.

As a result, a large number of rivals appeared along with some easy-to-use features. Like all leading technology companies, GoPro has listened to customer complaints. GoPro completely updated its latest camera series to ensure that they still have the same heavy features, but easier to live with them.

This rank now includes the Hero Session, the Hero5 Session and the King of the Lot: the Hero5 Black.

New additions to this high-performance monster include a rear-facing touch screen, voice activation, and super-easy one-button operation. While reducing the overall experience to make the capture action as painless as possible.

At $399 US, the Hero5 Black is a price-based Black Hero4 that despite the new gadgets. The resolution of 4K to 30 frames per second, replaced up to 12MP and they are super smooth -mo possibilities are now possible with a resolution of 1080p to 120 fps.

Still images can be recorded in single, burst, and fast modes and stored as individual post-production files. A new WDR mode (Wide Dynamic Range), the GoPro version of High Dynamic Range (HDR), allows you to capture perfectly exposed static images.

GoPro Hero 5 Black


• Simplified Design

• Waterproof up to 10 m – without waterproof housing

• Bigger battery, Small Wrap-Around Frame, and USB Type-C Port

Aesthetically, the Hero5 Black, which sits atop the Cuboid Hero5 seat, has a clean black matte exterior and still the size of a matchbox.

The two-inch touch screen on the back panel is bright and easy to see. The smaller screen on the front panel shows the recording mode, the space on the SD card and the remaining battery.

There’s also a big red button on the top of the camera, which GoPro refers to as a one-button control. Simply press this elastic frame, and the camera will turn on and start recording immediately.

Hero5 Black uses a better protective case than that of its predecessor. The camera is waterproof up to 10 meters away from the box, but the absence of the case leaves it a bit exposed.

The small lens cap on the front of the camera is now detachable, as GoPro offers a range of filters to enhance the material when diving or diving. Simply turn to remove the lid and adjust the filter. It is also useful if the cover is damaged.

Other notable GoPro accessories that are compatible with this new camera include a Remo-enabled remote trigger-activated voice as well as a Quik-C mobile microSD card reader (yup, GoPro has finally moved to USB ports – C) to download files and to transport if a phone or laptop is not available.

Finally, GoPro introduces a new battery that is stronger and longer (meaning that the old one will not be compatible) and is introduced in two microphones (front and back) for better audio recording, especially for reducing wind noise when shooting moving cars, bicycles, and other fast-moving vehicles.


• Much improved sound quality

• One-Press Shutter

• Robust design

The lack of an extra plastic housing has greatly improved the exterior design of Hero5 Black. The sound quality is now better than ever, thanks to the compact enclosures do not interfere with the microphones, but leave the little unit a little exposed.

A Super Suit is available for those who wish to take their cameras to more than 10 feet, but we recommend using it strictly for any underwater activity, as we have discovered that the waters can penetrate the sealing of the removable cover and outside the warm waters of the Balearic Islands.

In fact, the camera feels a bit naked without the plastic casing resistant old, but it makes access to the beautiful and simple touch screen, while the mode selection button (on the side) is just a few steps away.

The one-touch shutter is also free and easy to use (even with gloves), while the new thin plastic frame also contains the typical GoPro mounting system on the bottom.

GoPro Hero 5 Black Review: PERFORMANCE

• Capture application provides back-to-back recordings

• Voice commands work well

• Use annoying touch screen when wet

The new camera is extremely easy to install and use. A new smartphone capture app makes it easier than ever to connect the camera via built-in Wi-Fi to adjust settings, check clips, and download files to a mobile device.

The rear touchscreen ensures that you do not need a mobile device, because from the beginning it is possible to take the perfect settings with the right settings.

Just drag to access the camera settings, change the frame rate, etc., drag again to check the footage, and drag to access the ProTune settings and edit more.

However, the touchscreen requires precise gliding for things to work, and trying to do so can be frustrating if the camera is wet, which requires a lot of pressure and contact.

With much help, GoPro has added voice control, access to the touchscreen or the smartphone application is impractical. Users can block “GoPro start recording” or “GoPro take a photo” to perform these functions, and it works well in most situations.

There is also a small screen on the front panel showing the mode (video, photo, burst, etc.), the battery level, and the memory levels of the SD card.

GoPro Hero 5 Black Review: IMAGE QUALITY

• ProTune offers advanced control

• The new linear mode offers less barrel distortion

• RAW and WDR photos with GPS locations

As with any GoPro, a bit of photographic knowledge is required to take full advantage of Hero5 images. Experienced users can adjust the exposure with the introduction of a new exposure control setting and adjust ISO, Sharpness, and EV through the ProTune configuration.

There are many resolutions and frame rates to play with, with the Hero5 Black. Being able to shoot in 4K resolution at 30 fps and many other combinations.

The great weight of the options may be disconcerting to those who discover the action camera game. But it does not take much trial and error to get it right.

In general, tracking the most popular 1080p / 30fps is a reliable way to capture great pictures. We also note that leaving the camera to determine the best settings results in solid results.

The built-in spot metering also allows you to quickly adjust the exposure setting. While the ISO increase in low light conditions does not cause too much noise.

Best of all, the added electronic image stabilization, which is a big boost for this camera. Because it produces smoother sequences without the viewer feeling uncomfortable, as in the impact of rival transport disease

Unfortunately, EIS consumes the battery as well as Wi-Fi and the integrated GPS function.


• Quik and Splice applications

• Quik is fast and easy to use

• Splice gives more control

GoPro knows that capturing images is easy. Editing and downloading is the point at which it becomes difficult.

Therefore, the company has redesigned its capture application to make it easier to pair the camera with a smartphone via Wi-Fi and image verification. The pairing process is still a bit wrong, but the app is intuitive and easy to use. The edition is responsible for two new applications: Quik and Splice.

GoPro Hero 5 Black Review: VERDICT

GoPro really needed to improve their game to stay on top of the action camera. The Hero5 Black is a great reminder of why the name is so revered.

The camera is easy to use and remains a very powerful tool, while the addition of a rear touchscreen, voice control. GPS makes it one of the most comprehensive cameras currently available.

The video is now smoother than ever, while the ability to capture raw photos. Wide Dynamic Range makes Hero5 Black more versatile than ever.

Also, reviewing GoPro post-production applications has greatly simplified the realization of interesting footage. Problem that has disturbed many camera owners in the past.

Yes, the touchscreen can be a bit complicated (especially in wet conditions), battery life needs improvement. The lack of plastic housing leaves the Hero5 Black a little exposed to the elements. But in general, it’s a brilliant addition to any videographer.

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