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LG Gizmo Gadget Review: Find to best Gizmo Gadgets for your kids

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Getting kids the best thing that suits their need while getting value for your money can be quite a task. More so is when you are trying to figure out the best tech gadgets that render good functionality without having to break the bank to get them. WebByWebb.com provides you with this LG Gizmo Gadget Review to help you decide. An apt solution to those problems are the fancy and quite valued Gizmo Gadgets. These gadgets are made for kids. You will be putting your money into good value when you get the Gizmo gadget. These are the gadgets that help to alleviate the pressure and necessary burden of parenting.

Straddling between Being a watch and a smartphone

Some of the dilemmas parents face is the type of phone to get their kids, especially when those kids are still very much in their preteen stage. Where the real confusion lies in the cost of these smartphones and how they may be too much techy for your wards who are still very much in their formative stages. Most parents would want to get their kids a feature phone; however, when they consider that the prices of feature phones and 2nd tier smartphones are almost the same thing, then they may as well get the smartphone. The Gizmo Gadget comes in as the right answer to this dilemma. The Gizmo Gadgets are wearable phones with a GPS tracker and the function of a wristwatch. They are worn around the wrist like you would a normal wristwatch. The only slight difference between them and wristwatches is that while most wristwatches could sit quite on the hand, the GizmoPal does not do so. Bu that should be a small price to pay for a wrist wearable gadget that does so much. The Gizmo gadget is a very thoughtful item to get for your kid as a parent.

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Between GizmoPal and LG Gizmo Gadget

The Gizmo gadgets are of two main types; the GizmoPal and the LG Gizmo Gadget. Both generally are amazing tech support for kids. However, there are some differences that distinguish them from each other. These are therefore all the features and values that come with the LG Gizmo Gadget that the GizmoPal does not have:

  • Text messaging function
LG Gizmo Pal
LG Gizmo Pal

While both GizmoPal and LG Gizmo Gadget can make receive and make phone calls, only the LG Gizmo Gadget has the text messaging function. This is a cool feature that allows your kids to have the feel of having a full formed phone. Also, this function comes in handy when all you want to do is pass some very vital information to your kids, and your present environment does not allow making a call. The same situation could also apply to your kids with the gadget too. Their classes could be on that receiving a call could be quite disruptive. Among many other things, these are the things the text messaging function of the LG Gizmo Gadget.


  • A workout tracking function
LG Gizmo Gadget
LG Gizmo Gadget

This is another very good function that separates the LG Gizmo Gadget from its Pal counterpart. With the LG Gizmo Gadget, you have a fitness assistant that monitors your fitness journey. Your kids could use this function to monitor their rope skipping activity. Remember how we often lost counts during our skipping sessions as kids. Kids with the LG Gizmo Gadget would not have to go through that.

  • It is touchscreen enabled

This is what every kid would jump at. The LG Gizmo Gadget comes with a touchscreen capacity that makes operation seamless. Unlike the GizmoPal that with limited buttons, this adds more function to those buttons to allow your kids access to more functions on their Gizmo gadget.

  • Price Difference

Now, it would be understandable while the Gizmo Gadget packs so many functions that its Pal counterpart. The Pal costs around $80, while the LG Gizmo Gadget for a retailing price of $150.

Other functions of the Gizmo Gadgets

  • Voice Calls

Both LG Gizmo Gadget and the Pal as the function to make voice calls. It is this function that makes them a phone. Also, the speaker is loud enough for your kids to get your voice audibly. The older version of the GizmoPal has an audio issue. To hear clearly on the gadget, you would have to max the volume out. However, the GizmoPal 2 rectifies that issue with good audio quality.

  • GPS tracking function

This is what makes the Gizmo gadget a very resourceful gadget to get your kids. It is in this manner that the Gizmo Gadget could serve as a co-parent. With the gadget, you could monitor the movement of your kids to ensure they are safe. Also, with this function, you can also set up boundary limit for your kids to keep them from wandering off. This way, whenever your kids go off the boundary limit, you know and act swiftly.

Subscription Pricing

The subscription fee for the LG Gizmo Gadget is quite affordable. It goes for $5 a month on the Verizon network.

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