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Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 Review

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Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 Ultimate Review

Okay, let’s see what the CF091 can offer you. Let’s start this Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 review with a list of this coffee maker’s key features.

Intelligent Warming Plate

Let’s start with the warming plate. Yes, it does have one unlike the Behmor 5393 Brazen Plus. Why is this “intelligent”? According to the details page of the CF091 on the company’s official website, the plate has the ability to adjust the amount of heat delivered to the carafe depending on how much you’d like to brew and how strong you’d like the brew to be.

Aside from that, the plate will automatically turn off after 2 hours unless you activate the Stay Warm function, which should work for up to 4 hours or just 15 minutes.

Control Panel

One look at the control panel and you’ll know that the Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 gives you a variety of selections. Here’s a list.

  • Brew Selections: Classic, Rich, Over Ice, Specialty, Cafe Forte
  • Indicators: Clean, Drip Stop, Pre-Heating
  • 6 Brew Sizes: Travel, Cup, XL Cup, Multi-Serve, Half, Full
  • Buttons: Stay Warm, Delay Brew, Clock Hour and Minutes, Power Save
  • Programmable Digital Clock
  • As you can see from the list above, the CF091 comes with several functions that may not be present in other brands. For instance, it has an indicator if the machine requires cleaning. It also allows you to brew directly into a cup, travel mug, or carafe.
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Thermal Flavor Extraction Technology

Don’t be scared of this fancy term. Overall, its goal is to “unlock the full flavor potential of your coffee.”


By automatically managing the temperature, pre-infusion, and saturation parameters of your coffee — three important variables that affect the quality of a coffee concoction.

With this technology, water is heated to the ideal temperature as determined by the machine. Grounds are evenly saturated during a pre-infusion stage, and then they’re saturated again for consistent extraction.

Pros and Cons of the Ninja Coffee Bar CF091

 What do previous buyers say about the CF091? In this section of our Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 review is a summarized report of the CF091’s pros and cons, based on the comments and feedback section on a popular online retailer.

Pros of the CF091

One person asked: Is the Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 loud? People who responded said it’s not loud at all. Sure, it beeps after a brewing cycle, but compared to the beep of a microwave, the CF091’s is much toned down.

Can it brew fast? A full carafe is about 10 cups. To brew a full carafe, it takes about 5 minutes, based on consumer response. This is quick.

True, you can create (0r re-create) some of your favorite coffee drinks that you order at a coffeehouse with comparable results. But as others have noted, don’t expect that much.

Cons of the CF091

If you’d like to prepare a drink other than a simple brew, expect to do additional steps. For instance, one person said that to create a latte, a “downfall” of the Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 is that you must pre-heat the milk in the microwave before using the frothing attachment. This can be an inconvenience.

Nope, you cannot use pods.

Can this make espresso? To create a shot of espresso, take note that at least 9 bars of pressure is required. The CF091 is not advertised as an espresso machine, nor is it advertised as a brewer that can create espressos. That said, the closest you can create to an espresso is a super concentrated coffee, which is definitely not “true espresso.”


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