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Playstation 5 Review

Playstation 5 review

Game lovers can rejoice, because the Playstation 5 is finally available! If your PS4 is no longer bringing you the joy you desire when gaming, then this Playstation 5 review will let you know if the new system is the change you need. We will share everything you must know about the PS5, including the PS5 games. We will even mention the PS5 resolution, as well as the differences of PS5 vs PS4. You might want to sit down, because your gaming is about to hit the next level! 

Playstation 5 Review

Let’s begin by saying the changes between the PS5 vs PS4 are quite noticeable. The graphics have all been updated and some games are quite exclusive. Add in the redesigned controller, which was a must, and you might actually think you can turn pro in every game you play. 

There are two versions of the Playstation 5. The regular version is similar to all the previous Playstation consoles. However, the second version is a complete digital edition. The digital edition is slightly cheaper and requires you to download all the games you play directly to the device.

Playstation 5 Console

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The Playstation 5 console is quite large at 16 x 4 x 10 inches. The size may make it difficult for you to squeeze it into the same place that held your PS4. The good news is that you can either stand it up by using the stand or lay it on its side. 

The inside section of the console is the basic black that you have come to love with all Playstation consoles. The outside of the PS5 is white though. The white panels are curved and look a little futuristic. There are LED lights underneath those panels. Those lights will be blue when you are using your new PS5 and amber when it is in sleep mode. 

You will find the drive for games on the bottom right white panel. There are USB-A and USB-C ports on the front of the PS5 console. That is where you will find the power button and eject button too. The back of the console is where the HDMI output, Ethernet port, power connector, and two other USB-A ports are located.

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Hardware for the PS5

The hardware in the Playstation 5 is amazing! There is an AMD Zen 2 CPU, as well as an RDNA 2 GPU. Not sure what those mean?? Don’t worry! All you need to know is that they will both let you play your games without an issue! 

Your games will load quickly, thanks to the 825GB SSD. In fact, you will love how they load so much faster than any PS4 game ever did. 

The last hardware feature you must be aware of in this Playstation 5 review is the Ultra HD Blu-ray optical drive. This feature will allow you to play 4K videos. If you purchase the digital edition of the PS5, you will not receive this optical drive. Keep that in mind when making your purchase.

Playstation 5 Interface

The interface of the PS5 is simple to use. The row of icons will include all the apps and games you have recently loaded. You can access a different menu by pressing the home button. 

PS5 Games and Gaming Compatibility

The PS5 games are just starting to roll out now that this system is available. Many of the games will allow you to play in either Fidelity or Performance modes. If you really want to take advantage of the PS5 resolution, then Fidelity mode is a must. That will give you the game in 4K resolution with all the visual effects. 

However, if you really want the faster speed of any game, you will want to skip the higher PS5 resolution and go for the Performance mode. You won’t be sorry with the 60fps speed that is consistent in every game. 

As for gaming compatibility, you will only be able to play PS5 and PS4 games on this new console. This is one of the major differences with PS5 vs PS4 though. As you may remember, the PS4 was not compatible with any of the older games you may have owned. Thankfully, Playstation changed that for this new version and all those PS4 games you are not finished with can be used on your new PS5. 

The All-New DualSense Controller

For those of you that weren’t a fan of the old DualShock controller of the PS4, you will love this part of the Playstation 5 review. This new DualSense controller is better equipped for those moments when the game is not going your way. 

It has a heftier design with better grips on the side. The bottom of the controller has texture, so you can hold onto it better during play. The top of the controller is now white and still smooth like the older controllers. 

All the buttons and sticks are in the same place on the new controller. This will allow you to seamlessly play all those new PS5 games you will be getting. The big difference between the PS5 vs PS4 controllers is that you will notice the triggers have unique responses on the new controller. During some games, those triggers can feel short for fast shooting, while other times they will be long. 

The new PS5 has a lot to offer both serious gamers and those looking to have a little fun with their friends. This Playstation 5 review shares what’s new and what’s the same. You saw comparisons between PS5 vs PS4 and how this system gets to the next level. If you have been dying as you waited for better resolution during your gaming marathons, the PS5 resolution will not disappoint. However, you will notice a difference with the speed of all PS5 games if you take advantage of the better resolution. Are you ready to take the leap and grab the PS5 right out of the gate?? 

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