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Myo Gesture Control Armband


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This Myo Gesture Control Armband gives you control of technology from a distance, from games and connected things to presentations and media. Using Keyboard Mapper, bring your favorite applications to life by mapping gestures to your keyboard for customized control. $199.99 Buy Now $155.00
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Bluetooth Enabled Wearable Keyboard & Mouse


The Tap Bluetooth Enabled Wearable Keyboard & Mouse is a cross platform controller for your smartphone, tablet, PC, laptop & smartTV. Take a step into the future with and amaze your friends. All you do is glide your thumb to move the cursor, and tap your fingers to click. You'll be totally amazed at the feeling. You can use it to compose text, use the mouse, and control games. The mouse is just like your desktop mouse. $199.00
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Backup Camera Dash Cam

$69.99 $39.99
Backup Camera Dash Cam by TOGUARD is a rear view mirror dual dash cam with a 4.3 inch touch screen 1080p front car camera video recorder and with parking monitor G-sensor loop recording. It has two lens- a front cam  and a weatherproof rear cam . The 4.3 inch mirror display screen can display a single image with footage from one camera or picture-in-picture display from both camera as recorded simultaneously. 

Apple MacBook Air 11.6-Inch Laptop

This Apple MacBook Air 11.6-Inch Laptop is only 2.6lbs and perfect for travel, because it fits easily into  small backpack or computer bag. It's got a 1.4GHz Intel Core i5 Dual-Core up to 2.7GHz processor, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD, an HD Camera, 802.11ac WiFi, Bluetooth, USB 3.0, Mac OS X) (Certified Refurbished). This Certified Refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. The refurbishing process includes functionality testing, basic cleaning, inspection, and repackaging. The product ships with all relevant accessories, a minimum 90-day warranty, and may arrive in a generic box. Only select sellers who maintain a high performance bar may offer Certified Refurbished products on This product is featured in our buyer's guide: Best Travel Gadgets for 2018

EVOTech Labs Stainless Steel 3- Port USB Portable Charger

The EVOTech Labs Stainless Steel 3- Port USB Portable Charger is the perfect rechargeable battery. Never worry again about arriving with a dead battery. Just place your mobile charger in any pocket or bag and charge your device on the go. The sleek stainless-steel housing of the device gives it a rich feel and stylish look unlike most other external battery packs has 3 built-in USB ports. One of these ports is charged with 2.5 amps giving you the FASTEST possible recharge of any external battery device, recharging at speeds over 6x faster than your typical USB charging port. The battery can recharge iPhone 5s seven times, iPhone 6 between four to five times, and iPhone 7 around three full times. This product is featured in our buyer's guide: Best Travel Gadgets for 2018. $28.71 Buy Now Buy Now
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Wacù Space-saving Portable Vacuum Device

$72.84 $49.99
The Wacù Space-saving Portable Vacuum Device is THE travel companion: a practical little portable vacuum device able to make each trip a pleasure. Take it everywhere with you for a perfect vacuum result in just minutes. Keep your home and suitcase in perfect order, with no fear of the return journey. Just plug it in and use it wherever you like. Connect it to one of the space-saving bags by Wacù®. Wacù® vacuums out the air on its own, with no need for you to hold it in place during the process. Vacuum bags are sold separately,  and they come with a double layer, extraordinary resistance and a smart, imaginative new way to bring some order into your life. This products is featured in our buyer's guide Best Travel Gadgets for 2018.

Scrubba Wash Bag Portable Laundry System

$54.95 $49.95

The Scrubba Wash Bag Portable Laundry System is a portable laundry system for camping, hiking, backpacking and travel. You can now get machine quality wash whenever and wherever you want. It's a modern take on the old fashioned washboard comprised of hundreds of internal Scrubba nodules efficiently clean clothes in minutes. It's made of durable microbial- and hydrolysis-resistant polyether TPU and it doubles as a dry-bag. At only 5 oz, it's the lightest and smallest washing machine in the world. This products is featured in our buyer's guide Best Travel Gadgets for 2018


Captoglove 1.0 Pair Large Wearable Gaming Hand Machine Interface

$490.00 $419.55
Bring home the next iteration in gaming, VR and augmented reality experience with the Captoglove 1.0 Pair Large Wearable Gaming Hand Machine Interface. It is the first wearable hand machine interface for games and smart devices. It requires no additional components or specific integration and brings unrivalled realism within your reach for some awesome in-game fun. It lets you use simple hand and finger gestures to perform a series of actions and delivers an immersive and engaging game experience. 

CNPGD All-in-1 Smartwatch

$69.99 $12.99

This CNPGD All-in-1 Smartwatch includes US Warranty. It works with iPhone, Android, Samsung, Galaxy Note, Nexus, HTC, Sony. Use as Cell Phone(Sim Card Needed, See description for "Which Carrier OK") or use as Smartwatch (NO Sim Card Needed, See description for Android & IPHONE SYNC, Some Function Blocked with no Sim Card and Memory Card). 


360 Round EMF Protection Tesla Technology

$95.00 $39.97
360 Round EMF Protection Tesla Technology provides EMF absorption From cell phone, WiFi, and laptops. Actually, just all EMF devices by being a negative ion generator receiving international awards for being an anti radiation shield and EMR blocker device. Compact, so it fits into your pocket. 

iVUE Rincon 1080P HD Camera Glasses


These iVUE Rincon 1080P HD Camera Glasses are video recording sport sunglasses DVR eyewear. You can record professional quality HD video; perfect point of view shots in clear HD. More smooth fluid looking video at up to 60fps. 110° wide angle lens makes this a true action camera.  The wide angle lens captures more area within the video frame. It also has photo / burst taking with a click of a button; take 1 or a burst (3-5 photos). Wirelessly connect to an iOS/Android device and view, record, or take photos. Transfer photos/videos to your iOS/Android device.


Vufine Wearable Display


The Vufine Wearable Display is a high definition, wearable display that seamlessly integrates with your technology, truly unlocking its full potential. Whether for your smartphone, laptop or drone, Vufine+ connects via HDMI cable to provide a second monitor or mirrored display. Use Vufine+ anywhere you need an extra screen without taking your eyes off the world around you.