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Blink Security Camera -

Blink Indoor Home Security Camera System with Motion Detection, HD Video, 2-Year Battery Life and Cloud Storage Included – 1 Camera Kit

If you want a relatively affordable camera, Blink security camera comes with great affordability without compromising on quality. The Blink security home camera offers everything a consumer would need when looking for an indoor or outdoor security camera.

The importance of security cameras in homes and around the office cannot be overemphasized. Security cameras put our mind not just at great ease but ensure we have a sharp and a smart eye on everything that concerns us. In this day and age when security is a very significant issue in all areas of life, shelling a part of our budget on security cameras can never be a misplaced priority, so you need to read this Blink security camera review.

No matter how much you spend on outdoor or indoor security cameras, you will always get your money’s worth. Security cameras are not just another gadgets that make for a smarter home, they are very essential to our daily existence.

This article, however, will guide you through a detailed review of the Blink Security camera, perfect for indoor and outdoor home security management.

Before you begin shopping for a security camera, it is important you know few of the core reasons why you should get an outdoor security camera for your home and office premises. Here are therefore some of the reasons why you should:

  • For security: This is the most obvious reason why we all go for an outdoor or indoor security camera. Blink security camera, for instance, offers you the best camera view for optimum security money can buy. Security is the first reason why we all want to get to that security camera we have been hoping to buy.
  • Keep a tab on our children: Children are wondrous beings, at the same thing too, they could be very restless and carefree. A good security camera like Blink camera will ensure that you always have a close watch on your kids so you know when to step in when they are getting into an environment around the house that could be harmful to them. This way, your children would not be getting into a situation you could have avoided.
  • Keep home invaders away: With a Blink outdoor security camera, you could easily keep home invaders away. A good camera with a sharp view who spot any intending home invader meters away before they get into your property so you can take appropriate action on time. This is one of the very core reasons for getting a good security camera.

Now that you know the various benefits of a security cameras, here are the many functions Blink security camera has to offer. Knowing those will give more conviction on why you should choose Blink security camera over everything else. Before anything else, you should know that Blink is a subsidiary of Amazon Company which offers a seamless security camera service.

Features of Blink Security Camera

  • Long lasting battery

With Blink outdoor or indoor security camera, you do not have to worry about the battery of your camera after a short while. Battery inferiority is an issue that most security cameras struggle with. Blink security camera comes with a good battery life that would last you for two years. And the beautiful thing about the battery is that is a replaceable one.


With the double replaceable batteries, your camera will run for long after a full charge.

When the batteries’ life is spent, you can easily get another set and replace them without going through any technical issue.


The replaceable batteries make the camera weigh a little bit more.

  • Allows for integration

This is another amazing feature of the Blink security camera. The security camera is IFTTT (If This, Then That) enabled. What that, you could sync it with your other home devices like Amazon Echo or Echo Dot. Also, since it is an Amazon product, it also supports the Amazon Alexa. With this third-party integration function, you could increase the functionalities of the Blink security camera.


The IFTTT integration allows third party synchronization with the camera.

The integration allows for more functionalities of the camera. You are able to do more with it.


You need some technical knowledge to integrate the camera with other gadgets.

  • Night vision function

With the night vision function, the Blink security camera gives premium security assurance. Break-ins do not happen during the day but at night. This is why you can be rest assured of Blink security camera giving you the best view no matter what day of the time it is.


You can be assured that your camera will be watching out for you when it is dark.

Blink security camera offers a relatively good resolution at night.


No matter how clear the resolution is at night, it is not as clear as during the day.

  • Instant On feature

With this feature, your video recording function will not be missing out on any activity. The Blink security camera switches on in no time to ensure all activities are recorded.


You will never have to miss a moment.

  • Alerts function

The Blink security camera gives up-to-date mobile alerts. That way, if anything is amiss in your home, you could always trust the mobile alert to tell you to turn the live recording feature of the camera. The Blink camera has a good 720p HD video capacity to give you a good watch of activities on your premises.


This feature allows you to be at the top of your security situation.


Incessant alerts may be nerve jarring.

  • The voice feature

The voice feature of the Blink camera is connected with the Amazon Alexa. With that, you could easily use your voice to activate and deactivate any feature of the security camera. The voice control gives you so much user power over the security camera.


This allows for ease of use.

With this feature, your home is made smarter.


You could pay more for hard ware.

  • Amazing accessories

The Blink security camera also comes with some fantastic accessories like the Blink camera covers, camera mounts, and the protected by Blink stickers. All those are amazing accessories that would make your experience using Blink security camera more amazing.


You have access to amazing accessories that give unique experiences.

With the accessories also, you are able to do more with the camera.


You would spend more getting accessories


Blink offers a great camera in terms of features as well as value. The high quality video combined with the features and the noted pro compared to the cons make the Blink security camera an excellent value.

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