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Sony a6000 Review: Is it Still Worth Buying in 2020?

Sony a6000 Camera

For years, Sony offered multiple cameras under different brand names. The NEX brand was popular but discontinued when Sony decided to utilize their alpha system entirely. The Sony a6000 was one of the first cameras named after the change. At the time, there was much confusion by those looking to purchase a camera. Some didn’t realize how close the Sony a6000 bundle was to some of the older NEX models. Then of course, you had Sony a6000 lenses and the way the Sony a6000 photos looked on the camera. Those looking to buy Sony a6000 learned a lot from reading a Sony a6000 review beforehand. Thankfully, there were a few different Sony alpha a6000 review options available or people would have been really lost. 

Many people are not sure if the Sony a6000 is still a worthy competitor with all the newer cameras on the market. I thought it would be an excellent idea to do a Sony a6000 review to see if this camera is still worthy of the Sony name. 

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When Was it Released?

The Sony a6000 was released about six years ago. That is a long time in the world of technology. Therefore, you are probably wondering if anyone is even buying Sony a6000s anymore. Surprisingly, they are! And the reasons the Sony a6000 bundles are so popular may not be for the reasons you think. 


  • 2.63 inches high x 4.72 inches wide x 1.78 inches deep
  • 12.13 oz when the battery and media options are in place
  • 24.3 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor
  • ISO 100-25600
  • 3 inch tilting LCD 
  • Hybrid AF system 
  • Built-in flash plus a multi-interface shoe
  • Full HD video recording with a clean HDMI output
  • 11 fps continuous shooting with subject tracking
  • Diffraction correction
  • Area specific noise reduction
  • Detail reproduction technology
  • Wi-Fi capability
  • PlayMemories app

Handling the Sony a6000

Handling the Sony a6000 is much easier than some photographers think. While this is one of Sony’s cheaper mirrorless cameras, the quality of the materials used were not diminished. The rubber grip on the sides ensures you can hold this camera for hours and never drop it. 

The dials on this camera are a little bulky and seem difficult to turn at first. However, a little practice will have you turning the dials much easier over time. While you will figure out how to turn the dials with one hand, you will never find yourself changing the dials by mistake. It is impossible to bump into one of the dials and turn them as you are walking around to find a new vantage point. 

The rotating wheel on the back is also easy to maneuver once you get used to it. Simply give it a twirl and stop on the menu settings you need at the moment. 

The LCD screen will take you some time to get used to on this camera. While you can get some unusual shots with the different angles, it does offer a few problems. The ratio of the LCD screen is 16:9. That ratio is perfect for the video playback for the video recording you can do on this Sony a6000. However, when you are trying to review regular pictures, there are black lines down the sides. Those black lines can get annoying and make you think your pictures are not as good as they are. 

Most Sony alpha a6000 reviews state this is an excellent camera for both beginners and professionals. While newbies won’t know to set their functions up in advance, professionals will. Therefore, the professionals will spend more time shooting immediately after buying their Sony a6000. Newer photographers will simply click a few pictures and then start to mess with the options before starting to click away again.

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Hybrid Auto Focus of the Sony a6000

Most entry level cameras like this one do not have tremendous auto focus ability. However, this is not the case with this model. If there is a person in the frame, this camera will lock in on it automatically. If there isn’t a person, it will lock in on the closest object. This can be a blessing and a curse. If this camera does all the focusing for you, you won’t learn how to do it on your own. However, it can be quite helpful if you are not used to focusing, because your pictures will come out better right away. 

You can even play around with the Sony a6000 lenses to see which ones you like better with the auto focus function on this camera.

Image Quality

As I mentioned above, it can be really challenging to look at your Sony a6000 pictures on the LCD screen. Therefore, you won’t truly see the quality of your photographs on the Sony a6000 until you look at them on your computer. 

Thankfully, you can transfer your photos over easily via the NFC transfer option and Wi-Fi. A few things that keep the quality of the Sony a6000 photos high include the Bionz X Processor, 24MP Exmor HD CMOS, and Sony’s Dynamic Range Optimization.

Video Option

It used to be when people purchased a camera, they bought it to take pictures. However, nowadays many people choose cameras for their video options, too. This is where the Sony a6000 comes in handy for those who want both Sony a6000 photos and videos. 

Sony a6000 Lenses

There are many different lenses available for you to use with this camera. When you buy Sony a6000, you usually get a lens with your camera. The only time you won’t is when you decide to purchase the body of the Sony a6000 instead. Of course, you can also but a Sony a6000 bundle. That will give you a couple different lenses to use as you are taking pictures. 

It is best to use the E-mount lenses for your Sony a6000. They allow you to keep the weight of the camera down, while giving you the pictures you want. However, Sony has not been making newer E-mount lenses in recent years. Their focus has been on the FE lenses, which are heavier. 

Most this Sony camera reviews recommend that you stick with the E-mount lenses for the best results. The all-time favorite lenses for this camera include the Sony SELF35F18 35 mm prime fixed lens and the Sigma 60mm F2 8 EX DN Art for Sony SE.

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Battery Life for the Sony a6000

The battery that comes with this camera is not going to give you the power to shoot Sony a6000 photos all day long. Therefore, you must purchase at least one other battery if you plan on having longer photo sessions. 

You might want to consider a battery grip too. This option will make it easier to hold the camera and battery for longer periods of time when shooting

The Sony a6000 Compared to the Sony a6300

The Sony a6300 came out two years after the Sony a6000. Photographers expected great things with the newer Sony camera model. The Sony a6300 does offer a slightly better image sensor, viewfinder, auto focus points, and 4K video recording. However, it is important to note that people weren’t expecting to pay double the price for features that they deemed unnecessary. 

The Sony a6000 Compared to the Sony a6500

Not too long after the Sony a6300 came out, the Sony a6500 was introduced. The Sony a6500 brought an improved image sensor and image stabilization. This model also offers touchscreen features the previous models did not have. While many people loved the touchscreen option, they still weren’t sold on the price tag. It was three times the price of the this Sony camera. 

Recommended Accessories for the Sony a6000

Since you will probably have a few different lenses and battery packs for your Sony a600, you must have a camera bag. There are many options available, just make sure it fits your Sony a6000 lenses and anything else you are using. 

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Many times, a camera bag is included within the camera bundle. This makes it an excellent deal all around. You get the basics of what you need to get started using this camera for photos and spend less money. 

As you can see, this Sony camera has many amazing features. However, it is an older camera, which can be an issue for some people. You can easily see where this mirrorless camera shines throughout the Sony alpha a6000 review above. At the same time, you can also see where a couple of the features fall short for those that expect a ton from their photography equipment. 

Choosing a new camera can be a daunting task. However, you can make your life easier by reading at least one Sony a6000 review or two. The Sony a6000 is an excellent camera for anyone who loves taking photographs. When you buy Sony a6000, you will have the option to get the Sony a6000 bundle. This bundle will include a couple different Sony a6000 lenses. Those lenses will allow you to take amazing Sony a6000 photos. While the Sony alpha a6000 review does mention that those photos will not look incredible on the LCD screen, you will notice a huge difference once they are downloaded to your computer. And that is what will let you see that the Sony a6000 is still a contender and worthy of purchasing.

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