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Things to Know Before Buying Solar Air Conditioner

Solar Air Conditioner

Summer is quickly approaching and that means higher temperatures will be heating up our homes. Unless you want to sweat all summer long, you will want to consider a solar powered air conditioner. A portable solar air conditioner can cool the inside of your home, while saving you money on your electricity bills. Solar panel air conditioners use energy from the sun instead of an electrical outlet or electrical panel. As you are choosing your portable solar powered air conditioner, you will want to make sure you know everything you need to about the solar air conditioner you are installing. 

Things You Should Know Before Buying Solar Air Conditioner

1. How Solar Air Conditioners Work

A solar air conditioner works the same as regular air conditioners, but it utilizes solar energy instead of all electricity. They will help you lower your energy bills, while also leaving less of a carbon footprint.

2. Types of Solar Air Conditioners

There are three different types of solar air conditioners to choose from. They are the solar thermal hybrid system, solar PV hybrid system, and the evaporative solar-powered conditioners. The first option will require you to use an electricity source in addition to the solar for operation. 

The solar PV hybrid system utilizes batteries, so any stored electricity can be used to operate your portable solar powered air conditioner when the sun is not shining. This does not utilize a compressor, so it uses less solar than the other solar powered air conditioners. This option will not work as well in the dark, since it is not drawing energy from the sun at that time.

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3. Cost of Solar Air Conditioners

The cost of the types of solar air conditioners mentioned above are very different. Some can cost thousands of dollars more than others, so you will want to determine which one will meet your needs carefully. 

You will also want to consider the many other factors. Those other factors can include the cost of solar panels, installation, and batteries.

4. You Must Install Solar Panels

You must have solar panels installed if you want to use a portable solar air conditioner. If you do not have them already, you need to be prepared to pay a decent amount of money upfront to have them installed. However, if you do have solar panels, you can start to reap the benefits of saving money with your portable solar air conditioner immediately. 

You will need to draw additional energy from your solar panels, so you may need to install extra panels. A professional can tell you if you have enough panels or how many more are needed. 

5. Installation by a Professional is Necessary

Putting a regular air conditioner into a window and plugging it in is easy. Installing a solar unit is a little trickier. Therefore, to avoid damaging your brand-new air conditioner, or injuring yourself, a professional is needed for this job. An experienced solar powered air conditioner professional is best. They will have installed many of them already and will have the proper insurance if something does go wrong.

6. Consider Your Options Carefully for Power Outage Situations

If you live in an area where power outages are common, you will want to consider purchasing a portable solar powered air conditioner that has a battery pack with DC only version. This is the only type of solar air option that will work when the power goes out. Other solar air conditioners have a safety feature that kicks in automatically and will prevent the unit from working, even if it is receiving energy from the sun. 

The downside to using a DC only version of a portable solar air conditioner is that it requires using batteries. This will increase the cost of the unit significantly. However, that cost could be worth it if you find yourself constantly losing power in the middle of the summer. 

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7. The Costs Varies when Using Your Solar Air Conditioner

The price you pay to use your air conditioner will be dependent on many different factors. While you may be hopeful that your solar panels will cover all the energy costs, the system you choose may have you tying your portable solar air conditioner into your electrical panel as backup.  Therefore, you must consider the size of your air conditioner, the usage power, and even how often you will be using your new solar air conditioner.

When it comes to purchasing a solar panel air conditioner, you have a few options available. A solar option will cool your home just as well as a regular option, but it will allow you to save money. The solar option will utilize mostly sun energy. However, that is dependent on the portable solar powered unit you choose. It is best to consider all the things mentioned above before purchasing a portable option for you home, so you can get the one that fits all your needs the best.

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