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Top 10 Best Accessories for iPhone X, XS, XS Max

Apple Airpods -

Apple keeps amazing us with fancy iPhone models. Every year comes with a new surprise from Apple. While the newest iPhones are must-get technology with their smarter features, you could easily get tired of them without the best iPhone x accessories to use them with. There are a lot of companies making tons of cool apple accessories for iPhones, so where do you even begin?

For this reason, has compiled the top 10 best accessories for iPhoneX, XS, and XS Max for your consideration.

Apple Airpods

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There is a reason why almost iPhone x users go for this as one of their iPhone gadgets. The reason is quite simple: Apple Airpods produces the best of sounds in an ear-friendly manner. With the Apple Airpods, you do not have to bother about the burden of running an earpiece’s chord from your iPhone to your ears as it wirelessly connects to your iPhone x.

Also, the Apple Airpods have the special connectivity feature that works with most Apple gadgets. The Apple Airpods works with your Siri. The Airpods’ W1 chip (a special technology found in only Apple Airpods) makes initiating a connection between the Airpods and other Apple gadgets very easy. With Apple Airpods, you will not have to worry about connectivity.

Spigen Liquid Crystal Case

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Spigen Liquid Crystal Case is an iPhone x accessory you do not want to do without. The case offers protection and beauty for your iPhone x all at the same time. If you are the kind of person that does not like a case with a very busy design that could be a put-off, the Spigen Liquid Crystal Case is your best bet. This offers about the best impact absorbing capacity.

You do not have to worry about accidentally letting your iPhone x slip off you and smashing the screen. Another reason that should make you get the iPhone accessory is that it would also be protecting your iPhone x, xs and xs Max from scratches. It’s very frustrating to have an iPhone with scratches all over it. The Spigen Liquid Crystal Case comes with a thin feel and a transparent view.

Apple 30W Power Adapter

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If you are looking for a way to charge your iPhone x quickly, the Apple 30W Power Adapter is the best iPhone gadget among these 10 Accessories for that. This adapter increases your charging speed by almost 50%. This adapter is very important if you are the upwardly mobile type and you do not have the time for a normal charge. To be candid, waiting on a phone to charge fully could be a long wait. With the Apple 30W Power Adapter, you can get within a half an hour.

USB-C Lightning Cable

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The USB-C Lightning Cable goes well with the Apple 30W Adapter. Combining the lightning cable with the Apple 30W Power Adapter, you will be getting those electrons faster into your phone than you imagined.

If the Apple 30W Power Adapter can getting you iPhone x the full charge at half an hour, using the USB-C Lightning Cable with it will speed up your charge even faster. If you are a consistent iPhone user, you will appreciate getting an additional cable with the one your iPhone x.

Nimble 10k Portable Charger

With the Nimble 10k Portable Charger, you do not have to worry about being far from a power source for long. This comes with a 10,000mAh battery capacity. This is enough to give your iPhone x, xs, and x Max a full charge twice before you begin bothering about plugging in your iPhone.

Apple Lightning 3.5mm Headphone Adapter

You will need this for your iPhone x as the Apple Lightning 3.5mm Headphone Adapter is not included in the box.  This is one of the iPhone x accessories you can get before your order for an iPhone x is delivered.

Mophie Charge Stream Pad+

One feature that makes the iPhone x series totally different from other iPhone models is the wireless charging feature. The Mophie Charge Stream Pad+ allows you to charge your iPhone wirelessly. While there are many wireless charge pads you could pick from, the Mophie Charge Stream Pad+ gives a satisfactory speed that could get give your iPhone the desired charge that you need within a short period. This wireless charging pad can even charge your iPhone through a light protection case.

Apple Lightning SD Card Reader

The camera quality of your iPhone x will make you fall in love quickly with photography. However, the main issue would soon be running of space to store in your photos. In the case that this happens, you can get an additional memory can and import and export your pictures easily to and from your phone to the external memory card with the aid of the Apple Lightning SD Card Reader. Also, this iPhone x accessory could come in handy when you need to free some space on your iPhone x.

iOS Flash Drive

The new iPhones take great photos and videos, but transferring large files from your iPhone to your computer can be a real pain. I use this gadget several times per week. You can easily transfer large files from your iPhone (iPhone connect on one end) to your computer or any other USB device (slide the cover and the USB is available). Very handy, and it’s very affordable.

Maxboost Screen Protector


This is one of the best iPhone accessories you should get for your iPhone x. The Maxboost Screen Protector fits well on your iPhone x’s display to offer the needed protection you need against a hard fall. Replacing a broken iPhone X’s screen could be very expensive. The Maxboost Screen Protector is a good buffer against that kind of costly accident

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