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Top 5 Best Professional Digital Video Cameras

Video Camera

Smartphones, in recent times, have been equipped with sensors and hardware which enables to produce at least HD quality video, professional digital video cameras are still very much worth the investment.

The artistic essence of a professional video camera cannot be emphasized no matter the competition between smartphones and digital video camera. From the feel of professionalism, ease of edit, to ease of use and other important features, using a professional video camera to achieve your footage is the next to none option.

So what is the best professional video camera to buy in 2018, this ultra-modern age? Ta-da, technology has so much improved and you have a full range of specifications given to you in a single pack of a digital video camera. These cameras come fully automated, with stabilized hardware and movie quality video right in the palm of your hand. Whether you are a novice who is keen to explore the joys of a moving picture to a professional who is looking to get the perfect and more initiated, heightened filming experience, here is a list of the top 5 best professional digital video cameras rocking the world right now.

1.    Sony PMW-300K1 XDCAM HD Video Camcorder

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Sony PMW-300K1 XDCAM HD camcorder is created to meet the needs of professional video production and professional studio applications. It is the first video camera with semi-shoulder support off the Sony rack which is made to combine the low-light features of three, 1/2″ Exmor Full HD CMOS sensors with the broadcast-quality, Full HD MPEG HD422 codec. The camcorder has the same sturdy metal housing, replaceable EX- However, the Fujinon HD 14x lenses featured by the PMW-EX3 have advanced signal processing technology for quieter and sharper images, and the PMW-300K1 also has a 3.5 “960 x 540 LCD display, built-in ND filters and 8 assignable function buttons.

Proving its worth to be on the list, the Sony PMW-300K1 XDCAM HD camcorder has two ExpressCard/34 SxS memory card slots that support the SxS Pro and SxS-1 cards. A variety of recording formats is available, including 1920×1080 Full HD video recordings in MPEG HD422 at 50 Mbps or MPEG HD420 at 35 Mbps. The camcorder supports UDF and FAT file format modes. SD recordings are available in both DVCAM and MPEG-IMX (NTSC and PAL) formats. The camcorder can be updated to support the Sony XAVC codec, if available.

The camcorder has two HD/SD-SDI and HDMI inputs as well as i.LINK, USB 2.0, timecode and genlock ports for use with a variety of audio and computer interfaces. The USB 2.0 port allows the use of the optional wireless adapter CBK-WA100. Supplied with the Fujinon 14x zoom lens camera with cap and lens cap, 3.5 “LCD screen, BP-U30 battery and charger, infrared remote control, shoulder strap, cold shoe kit and USB cable.

2.    Panasonic AG-HPX250 Video Camcorder

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Panasonic AG-HPX250 a Best Professional Digital Video Camera equipped with a powerful 22x zoom, specially designed for the production of professional HD video. It also has DVX and HVX series wide-angle capability, giving the lens additional telephoto capabilities for a zoom range of 28-616mm. The lens consists of 18 elements, which are divided into 12 groups, and consists of ultra-high refractive (UHR) glass with low dispersion and aspheric elements. And because it comes from Panasonic, it comes with CAC technology or chromatic aberration compensation, which minimizes the bleeding of colors in surrounding images. This leads to a rich expression through finely rendered nuances and an outstanding nuance.

It’s compact and has a similar form factor to the HVX200 and better weight distribution, which improves the visibility of the screen and allows for comfortable shooting over long periods of time. In addition, this video camera has a die-cast magnesium alloy frame for a long life. It has three manual rings: mechanical zoom, focus, and iris that allow you to use the camcorder. as if you have interchangeable lenses with which you have a touch control over the picture settings.

The one-clip recording mode allows you to take up to 99 sections and save them as one file. A text note is automatically attached each time the recording is started. This makes it easier to find the desired scenes in the clip as soon as they are in the editing package.

One of the reasons why the new Panasonic AG-HPX250 is one of the top 5 best professional digital video cameras on the market is that it comes with a 20-bit DSP handle. This allows gamma functions and the improvement of details with rare accuracy.

Using a PAP technology or advanced progressive processing, the highly sensitive AG-HPX250 can reach up to F10 (F11 in 50 Hz mode). However, it also offers low noise in low-light areas. In addition, the 3MOS 2.2Mp 1/3 sensor has the same Ultra Luminance (ULT) technology as the Panasonic P2 HD camcorder. This sensor maximizes the performance of the lens and ensures that the signal processing circuitry is in standard condition. The HPX250 has two memory card slots that you can record continuously without worrying about not having enough memory to store your videos. And because you’re using P2 cards instead of SD cards that allow you to back up your clips at the same time or through hot-swap media. In addition, it has a file-based recording feature that lets you transfer data quickly. P2 cards also have MXF wrappers that let you manipulate your clips with any nonlinear editing system. You can also capture videos quickly, with no warnings and no crash protection, such as overwriting data.

If you want slow-motion effects and fast motion on a camcorder, then you will love the AG-HPX250. It has “over-excited” and “low-run” frame rate variables. So you can record with a large frame rate, even in 1080p, as with professional camcorders.

3.    Sony HXR-NX5U NXCAM Professional Video Camcorder

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The Sony HXR-NX5R, one of the best Professional Digital Video camcorders, which extends the range of NXCAM camcorders, offers improved network functionality over previous line cameras, letting you choose between recording XAVC-S 50 Mbps and AVCHD / DV. Suitable for documentaries, corporate, weddings, events, nature, sports and journalism, the NX5R shoots at the NTSC rate of 59.94 to 23.98. With built-in Wi-Fi and FTP connections, you can send material from the camera to your publisher while you’re in place, instead of sending media cards to the publisher. Legacy codec support allows you to take pictures and later edit them on older projects in AVCHD or even DV format. However, the fact that the NX5R supports earlier codecs does not make it less efficient. It has a 3G-SDI output that supports 1920x 1080p Full HD video at 59.94 fps and 1080i, 720p and 720x 480i.

The Sony lens G is with a 40x clear image zoom provides crisp, clear images and, if you need more light, a built-in LED Display is placed on the lens – the professional video camera also has two XLR inputs compatible with Mic +48 (phantom power). The slow-motion and time-lapse feature allows 1080p shooting with selectable frame rates. The camera has two Slots for compatible multimedia cards recorded on Memory Stick PRO Duo or SDHC / SDXC memory cards.

The NX5R can record 1920 x 1080p images at 59.94 fps with the XAVC S codec. The AVCHD format uses the MPEG-4, AVC / H.264 video codec, which allows users to record HD video clips on random access media such as Memory Stick PRO Duo and SDHC memory cards. The NX5R is compatible with AVCHD and AVCHD 2.0.

The HXR-NX5R is with three built-in ND (Neutral Density) filters – 1/4, 1/16, 1/64 – that can be used to vary the depth of field with iris control. Another new feature is the continuous recording between two memory card slots. The new HXR-NX5R camcorder automatically switches between the two storage locations. Two 32-GB memory cards can hold six hours of continuous HD footage.

4.     Canon XH-A1S 3CCD Video Camcorder

Canon XH-A1s 3CCD HDV Camcorder

Canon XH-A1s Professional Digital Video Camcorder comes with better portability and equally competitive performance and capacity, the latest Canon family of HDV camcorders has become established in the marketplace. The camcorder uses the many settings options for image settings and has left behind the criticism of many critics. The original Canon 20x HD lens delivers crisp, vivid 1440 x 1080 pixel images.

Being one of the top 5 cameras, its optical super-range image stabilization also provides an exquisite free-field recording. Such a feature refines a variety of motion and camera vibrations. To add to the list, there is an autofocus ability to enable precise focusing in just a fraction of a minute.

Noise reduction and color reproduction are also handled well. The functions are efficiently enhanced thanks to the DIGIC DV II HD image processor and it is a great addition.

To make matters worse, manual adjustments are also available when a user needs to refine certain settings of the camcorder in order to work better in certain environments. But in situations where a user senses that the camcorder needs to make adjustments, automatic mechanisms can take over.

Many critics have praised this product for its ease of use, portability, and versatility. Users already familiar with this camcorder have found that they are easy to navigate, well thought out and efficient to use.

In general, this camcorder is full of wonderful features that aim to satisfy and impress. For professionals on the move, this can be a good investment. It is not only extremely useful, but also very professional in terms of functionality and performance.

5.    Canon XF205 Video Camcorder

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The Canon XF205  is also one of the best professional camcorder that allows a variety of filming for filmmakers. Whether sports production, documentaries, commercials and corporate videography, this camcorder does its job. Not only that, the XF205 is not a bad choice for independent film productions, government applications, film schools, universities, weddings and other types of event videos.

Canon XF205 HD video camera has an image sensor provided with the XF205 is a CMOS HD 1 / 2.84 inches slightly larger than a 1/3 “sensor, which means that it can contain about 5% more than 1920 × 1080 pixels. The sensor draws the window 1920 × 1080 larger sensor allows the use of additional XF205 for electronic image stabilization (EIS) pixels. This simply means that the resolution of 1920 x 1080 is maintained even if the image he has flown. The lens is integrated and has an equivalent of 35 mm with a range of 26.8 to 576 mm. The lens also has an 8-leaf aperture that makes it more natural to blur reflections.

The lens consists of three rings that turn into infinity, and these are the focus, the aperture, and the zoom. These rings use an electronic coupling to move the functions of the lens, but there is still a sense of mechanical connection.

The XF200 offers two types of image stabilization:

• Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS): Reduces image blur in a variety of shooting situations

• Electronic Image Stabilization: Used in conjunction with OIS for 5-axis image stabilization

The XF205 is equipped with dual-band WLAN (5 GHz and 2.4 GHz), with which MP4 videos can be transmitted via FTP. The camera also supports a web browser interface, operated with support Wi-Fi, you can control remote key camera functions: start / stop recording, zoom, exposure functions and compressed focus.

With WiFi connectivity, camera MP4 images can be downloaded during camera capture and viewed on a PC or mobile device. The Canon XF200 has an Ethernet port that allows you to connect to wired networks and wireless routers to download your recorded videos from memory cards.

The auto-focus system of the Canon XF200 has some useful modes, including:

• Instant AF: Uses the TTL video signal detection system and the external sensor

• AF Face Detection: can track the focus on the faces in the video image

With an extended dynamic range of 600%, the XF200 is able to avoid overexposure, even in high-brightness or non-uniform color images.

A gamma with a large dynamic range can maintain continuity throughout the image and allow the gradation of the color.

The Canon XF200 has two CF card slots that allow different shooting options:

• Double Recording: You can record the same material on a different card simultaneously while using different codecs and bit rates.

• Dual slot recording: Allows simultaneous recording in both locations of the CF memory card; useful as an instant backup for what it records

• Retransmission Recording: Allows the XF200 to switch to the other memory card as soon as the first one is full

The infrared shooting mode allows you to record videos in low light conditions.

The XF200 also has an SDXC slot that can be used to record high-quality MP4 files. In addition, you can log in to a CF card slot and the SDXC card slot at the same time.


Making professional video is a big thing and should not be taken lightly. This list contains the review of the very best professional video cameras on the market right now. These digital video cameras are the best bet, the most likely to give you what you want for your video production. The durability, ease of use, efficiency, and style, although different, are all distinct in creating that creative high definition video you seek.

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