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Top 5 UV Water Purifier for Your Home in 2020

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Every time you turn on a faucet at home, you want water that is fresh and free of any contaminants.  After all, no one wants an entire cup of bacteria with their water!  This is where a UV water purifier can come in handy, because an ultraviolet water purifier removes that bacteria and so much more.  When it comes to purchasing the best UV water purifier on the market, there are many different UV water treatment systems reviews to read and consider.  However, all those UV water purifier reviews will ensure you get the UV purifier that will fit your needs the most.

Bluonics Ultraviolet Light UV Water Sterilizer Purification for Whole House Water Filter System

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When looking at different UV water purifier options, you will want to pay close attention to this one.  The Bluonics UV purifier is very reliable and powerful.   This is necessary when you are looking for a system for your entire home.  The stainless-steel unit offers fifty-five watts of UV light hitting the water flowing through.  The UV lamp itself is thirty-six inches long.  The three-quarter inch inlet and outlet size works wonderfully with letting city or well water purify, as it flows through.  

When you purchase this UV water purifier, you will receive the entire system in the box.  A few of the items in the box are mounting clamps, ballasts, UV bulbs, and the Quartz sleeves.  You even receive two free replacement bulbs to use.  This means you will not need to go out and purchase any additional items when you go through the installation process.  Installation for this best UV water purifier is easy.  You can even install it vertically or horizontally, depending on your needs.  There is no need to call a plumber either, because you receive customer service support after your purchase.  Basically, answers to questions are just a phone call away. 

Once this ultraviolet water purifier is installed in your home, your water will not taste any different.  However, there will no longer be any bacteria, E. Coli, Algae, or other microbes lingering in your water.  All these items are removed without chemicals.  Therefore, your pH level will also remain the same.  

HQUA-OWS-6 Ultraviolet Water Purifier Sterilizer for Whole House

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This UV water purifier has a stainless-steel chamber. The chamber is 22.8 inches long with a diameter of two and a half inches.  The inlet and outlet of the chamber is a half inch.  It is the Quartz glass of this UV purifier though that makes it reliable with different temperatures, pressures, and pH.  The Quartz sleeve does need to be cleaned regularly according to UV water treatment systems reviews.  This will ensure that all the UV light is reaching the water.  

Everything you need to get this UV water purifier up and running is included with your purchase.  You will want to pay close attention to the electronic ballast after plugging it in.  There is a light on there that will be green if everything is working well.  If that light blinks red, you have a problem.  A beeping noise will alert you that your ultraviolet water purifier is failing.  

Once your UV water purifier is up and running, you will not notice a funny taste with your water.  The UV light from your UV purifier will remove all those nasty microbes and leave you with water that is ready for you to enjoy.  

uv water purifier reviews
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HQUA-OWS-23 Ultraviolet Water Purifier Sterilizer Filter for Whole House

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The stainless-steel chamber of this water purifier is 37.2 inches in length.  The chamber itself is two and a half inches in diameter, while the inlet and outlet are three quarters of an inch.  The quartz sleeve ensures a higher transmission for the UV light at ninety percent.  The UV light of this ultraviolet water purifier has a 99.99% effective sterilization rate.  This means there will be less than one hundredth of a percent chance of bacteria and other microbes lingering in your water.  

The electronic ballast for this best UV water purifier also has a light that will alert you if there is an issue.  Green means everything is good, while red will tell you a problem has occurred.  If you happen to hear your UV water purifier begin to beep, then you will know it has failed.  

According to UV water purifier reviews, it is very easy to install this UV water treatment system.  Once you have completed the installation process, you will enter maintenance mode.  At that point, replacing the light and cleaning the Quartz sleeve regularly is all that is necessary. 

Bluonics 110W UV Ultraviolet Light + Sediment & Carbon Well Water Filter Purification Disinfection System

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The best UV water purifiers will be the ones that purify the water throughout your entire home using multiple steps.  This UV purifier does just that, while also being reliable and quite powerful.  The strong stainless-steel chamber works seamlessly with all the water filtration system cartridges.  Those cartridges are placed within the Whole House System, which include heavy duty blue cartridge holders.  

The first cartridge is the twenty-micron string wound sediment filter.  This filter removes all those dirt, sand, silt, and rust particles that travel through the pipes with the water.  The second cartridge is for the micron carbon block filter.  This filter removes odors, chemicals, organic solvents, and even strange tastes.  

The third cartridge is the micron sediment filter.  This filter will remove additional sediment down to one micron.  The fourth step of this process is the ultraviolet sterilizer.  This step finishes removing the algae, E. Coli, bacteria, and other microbes from your water.  

According to UV water purifier reviews, this water purifier is a little trickier to set up than many others.  You will either need a little plumbing experience or the ability to learn quickly from videos.  If those are not an option, you can always call a plumber.  They can have your UV water treatment system up and running in no time at all.  

Boeray Ultraviolet Light Water Purifier Whole House Purification UV Sterilizer

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This UV water purifier may look intimidating at first with all that’s included.  However, once you spread it out, you will agree with all the positive UV water purifier reviews.  In addition to the stainless-steel reactor chamber, which has a quarter-inch pipe, you receive all you will need to install this water purifier quickly.  Those additional items include the UV lamp, electronic ballast, Quartz sleeve, fixed clamps, and fast plugs.  

The electronic ballast has both visual and audio alarms, so you will always know if your UV water purifier is working properly.  The installation of this water purifier is quite simple, especially since the chamber has that quarter-inch pipe that is leak-proof.  Simply follow the step-by-step instructions in the manual and your ultraviolet water purifier will be up and running in no time at all.  

Once your water purifier starts working, you will no longer have any bacteria or other microorganisms in your water.  The taste will still be the same though, since no chemicals are used throughout the process.  

It is not going to be easy to find the best UV water purifier for your home.  As you are searching for an ultraviolet water purifier, you must read all the UV water treatment systems reviews you can.  This will allow you to narrow down your options when it comes to a UV water purifier.  Additional research with a few more UV water purifier reviews will easily have you choosing a UV purifier that fits your exact needs. 

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