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Why Mount Your TV on the Wall?

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Are you getting a new television for your home? Part of the fun of getting a new TV is figuring out where you want to put it. Maybe you’re planning to put it in your bedroom, the living room or a finished basement. Regardless of where you put your TV, it’s a good idea to mount it on a wall as opposed to placing it on a table. Why mount your tv on the wall? Checkout some excellent reasons to mount your TV on a wall of your home.

Reasons to Mount Your Television

Save Some Space

When you get a TV wall mount, your television doesn’t take up space on a table or even on the floor of the room. So, you have more space to arrange your furniture and decorate however you’d like to. You can put prints and pictures around your mounted TV to add to the beauty of your room while still saving space for other items of decor.


When your television is mounted on a wall, it can’t be knocked off a table by a child or a pet. A young child or toddler can be injured or worse if he or she pulls a heavy TV off a table or desk. Plus, when a television falls to the floor there’s a good chance its screen will crack leaving it unwatchable. So, if you have a lot of kids around or maybe an overly playful big dog, mounting your TV up on a wall can help you avoid a safety hazard and/or a broken television.

An Easier Cleaning Job

A TV, like other types of furniture, can attract a lot of dust. So, when you have your television on a table, dust can quickly accumulate beneath and around it. Alternatively, if it’s on the wall, it’s easier to clean with a simple dust wand or soft cloth. There is nowhere for dust to hide!

A Modern Décor

Mounting your TV on the wall looks more modern than having it sitting on a table or posed inside a cabinet. A sleek, high-definition TV looks stylish mounted on a colorful wall without cords draped around it.

Improve Your Viewing Experience

If you plan to put your television in a room with a lot of windows, there’s a good chance you will get some glare from the sunlight on your screen. When you mount your TV and go with either a tilt or full-motion mount, you can easily adjust the position of your television to cut down or eliminate glare from your windows.

Choosing a TV Wall Mount

So, you’ve decided you want to go with a TV wall mount. The next step is to choose the type of wall mount that’s best for you. Luckily, there are several types to choose from so you end up with exactly what you want for your home.

A Tilting Wall Mount

A tilting wall mount gives you the choice of moving your television screen up or down to suit your viewing preferences. Most of the time this wall mount allows you to tilt the TV about 15 degrees either left or right. The number of degrees in your tilt depends on the specific type of wall mount you purchase.

A Full-Motion Wall Mount

This type of wall mount allows you to adjust the angle of your television by moving it left or right, up or down. The television can be moved away from the wall in a safe way to adjust its position. If you’re planning on mounting your TV in a corner, this option is a favorable choice for this location.

A Fixed Wall Mount

If you want a basic wall mount for your TV, the fixed option may be for you. This is just what it sounds like. This is the simplest type of installation for TV wall mounts. The TV is secured up on the wall and no adjustments are required.

Hiding the Cords in Your Wall

One of the reasons why some people hesitate to mount their TV on the wall is the cords. When you think of a mounted TV you may envision a tangle of cords hanging down, attached to a cable box, DVD player, etc. But, there are professionals who are experts at hiding video cables in a variety of ways. In fact, some professionals are skilled at hiding video cables inside a wall. So, you can have a mounted TV without a tangle of unsightly cords to go along with it.

How Long Does It Take to Get Your TV Mounted by a Professional?

The time necessary for mounting a TV on your wall depends on a number of factors. If you want your cords hidden inside the wall, it can extend the total amount of time needed to finish the job. Also, the type of material the wall is made of can affect the time needed for installing cords and mounting the television. The typical TV mounting installation takes approximately two hours.

The Cost of This Service

Just as the time required for the work varies, the cost of the TV mounting work can vary depending on the specifics of the job. A professional may come by ahead of time to checkout whether your wall is made of drywall or another type of material. Also, the professional will ask if you want the cords hidden in the wall and where you want your mount located. The typical cost of a wall mount installation can run from $150.00 to $200.00.

If you want your TV mount installed by a skilled, knowledgeable professional, give a call today to the nearby technicians. He will install a wall mount that gives your family the best TV viewing experience possible.

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