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Guest post Submission Guidelines:

(1) Your article should be unique and free from grammar mistake; also it specifically returns for WebByWebb.

(2)  Article title shouldn’t loner than to 76 characters.

(3)  Content length should be minimum 600 words and should cover the all topic, each one also know that half cocked food nobody like. Also if you want to add inforgrafic then you have to provide some content 200 words to represent the Infographics

(4)  Your content shouldn’t publish on other site; we will remove it immediately if we have found you have published your article on other blog sites.

(5) One thing you have to remember that WebByWebb.com will not accept article if it is already added. If you want to write for us then you would have to follow the following blog guideline. Read the blog guideline carefully.

(6)  Send images that represent your article, it should be free images, you can take image from Pixabay, Flickr,  Pexels.

(7)  You are free to add video in your article to support article, you need use proper url of video, feel free to use the youtube URL.

(8)  You can add one link in article and other link in the bio of the author. Also you can add one link of social profile likes facebook, google

(9)  We will take one business day to review your article if it match to guide line post it.

(10)  You can send the article(s) in “*.DOC“, “*.DOCX“, “*.TXT” or “*.RTF” format.


How it benefits you?

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Published very quickly:  We will not keep your article in pending for a long time, and take one business day to post it if it matches to our blog guideline.

Submit Your Article:

If your article is ready with above-mentioned guideline then send it at Richard@WebByWebb.com or Contact Us through our website. If your article needs any changes, I will get in touch with you to let you know about changes.